How to know if Phasmophobia is on Xbox One and PS4?

While games like Valorant and Among Us have taken the world by storm in the last year or so, another game has silently entered into the conversation and become a massive hit and that game is Phasmophobia.

Phasmophobia is essentially a cooperative horror game that’ll ask you to investigate spooky abodes such as the Most Haunted crew and it’s a lot of fun due to its amazing features. With the game in such high demand, many people are wondering if Phasmophobia is available on PS4 and Xbox One platforms.

Is Phasmophobia available on Xbox One and PS4?

As of now, Phasmophobia isn’t directly available on PS4 and Xbox One, so you won’t be able to play on those platforms. The latest ghost hunting game is incredibly popular on PC so people who have an Xbox One or PS4 want to know if they can play it. While the game isn’t available on Xbox One and PS4, there is still a way to play it.

Can you download and play Phasmophobia on Xbox One and PS4?

know if Phasmophobia is on Xbox One and PS4

Phasmophobia is an Xbox One game that’s a part of the ID@Xbox program. For purchasing Phasmophobia, you’ll need to purchase it on the Xbox Marketplace by searching for the game in your region’s store and then selecting “Buy Game”. Unfortunately, you cannot download Phasmophobia using PS4. You can only play this game if you’ve bought it for your Xbox One or PC and then use the login info to sign into the game or another platform (like PS4).

This is due to the fact that Phasmophobia is a Windows 10 game and it’s available through Steam on both platforms instead of only being PlayStation 4 exclusively like several other games. If you’ve already bought the game on Xbox One or PC, you can easily sign in to the PlayStation 4 to play the game.

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