Roblox promo codes list: Unlock and use free items and cosmetics on Roblox

Thanks to the revitalized Roblox promo codes list, you will be able to access some of the best freebies that this game has to offer. These are the promo codes that you can enter and enjoy many great items for free in Roblox. You can easily use these codes to get items that make your character look unique and stick out of the crowd. If you wish to get free Robux, you should get a bit creative as some promo codes will not include Robux. The platform has many commands that offer you several freebies. To help you keep track of the random freebies that you can use in the game, here is the ultimate list that you must know about.

Active Roblox promo codes

  • SPIDERCOLA— Spider Cola Shoulder Pet
  • WORLDALIVE— Crystalline Companion (This code needs to be redeemed in this game)
  • STRIKEAPOSE— Hustle Hat (This code needs to be redeemed in this game)
  • VICTORYLAP— Cardio Cans (This code needs to be redeemed in this game)
  • TWEETROBLOX— The Bird Says Shoulder Pet
  • DIY— Kinetic Staff (This code needs to be redeemed in this game)
  • SETTINGTHESTAGE— Build it Backpack (This code needs to be redeemed in this game)
  • GETMOVING— Speedy Shades (This code needs to be redeemed in this game)

Active mansion of wonder codes

  • THINGSGOBOOM – Ghastly Aura Waist Accessory
  • FXARTIST – Artist Backpack Accessory
  • PARTICLEWIZARD – Tomes of the Magus Shoulder Accessory
  • BOARDWALK – Ring of Flames Waist Accessory

Active free Roblox items that can be availed in Roblo

For such items, you don’t actually need a code. All you’ll need to do is click “Get” on the Roblox catalog and then you can begin using them instantly.

  • Roblox Sneakers – Gray
  • Knit Sweater – Beige
  • Tie-Front Top – White
  • Knit Sweater – Gray
  • Bermuda Shorts – Black
  • Short and Sleek – Blonde
  • Knit Sweater – Black
  • Floral Swim Trunks – White
  • Long Ruffle Skirt – White
  • Floral Swim Trunks – Blue
  • Braided Hair – Red
  • Short Curls – Black
  • Curly Fade – Brown
  • Trench Coat – White
  • Denim Jacket – Light Wash
  • Business Coat – Gray
  • Zip Hoodie – Orange
  • Leather Jacket – Brown
  • Parka – Brown
  • Hooded Jacket – Gray
  • Business Coat – Salmon
  • Zip Hoodie – Black
  • Collared Leather Jacket – White
  • Business Coat – Striped Gray
  • Denim Jacket – White
  • Collared Leather Jacket – Brown
  • Zip Hoodie – Blue
  • Leather Jacket – Black
  • Cargo Pants – Brown
  • Casual Sweats – Black
  • Roblox T-Shirt – Black
  • Roblox T-Shirt – White
  • Striped T-Shirt – Black
  • Baseball Long Sleeve – B&W
  • Baseball Long Sleeve – Red
  • Wetsuit Pants – Black
  • Textured Leather Pants – White
  • Casual Sweats – Gray
  • Sunflower Wings
  • 24kGoldn Concert Lanyard
  • Sunflower Scythe – 24kGoldn
  • 24kGoldn Shades (Gold)
  • 24kGoldn Concert Award
  • 24kGoldn – Hair
  • Dessert Plate Hat
  • GRAMMY Chain
  • GRAMMY Glasses
  • Mastercard Aviator Glasses
  • Industry Baby Scrubs Top — Lil Nas X (LNX)
  • Golden Headphones — KSI
  • AOTP Hat — KSI
  • Futuristic Mech sled — Login to the Roblox Prime Gaming page to get your code
  • Zara Larsson Tour Lanyard
  • Industry Baby Scrubs Pants — Lil Nas X (LNX)
  • Holiday Snowman Backpack
  • Oakley — Avatar bundle set
  • Casey — Avatar bundle set
  • John — Avatar bundle set
  • Serena — Avatar bundle set
  • Lin — Avatar bundle set
  • Claire — Avatar bundle set
  • Bandito Army Jacket Roblox
  • AOTP Hat, Golden Headphones
  • Royal Blood Beanie
  • Fan Hand Sign – Why Don’t We
  • Happy New Year Ox

How to redeem Roblox promo codes?

Roblox promo codes are great for getting additional cosmetics and accessories for your avatars. If you wish to stand out, look unique, or be totally different, then these promo codes will offer you with the needed oomph factor to look your best. Add some much-needed personality and customize the digital self the way that you wish.

Roblox promo codes list: Unlock and use free items and cosmetics on Roblox

Redeeming Roblox promo codes is actually very simple. All you have to do is follow these simple instructions.

  1. Head over to the code redemption side of the official Roblox website.
  2. Log in, type the promo code, and then click on the green redeem button.
  3. Bask in the glory of the free additions.

Beware of the fishy sites that are trying to steal your Roblox account. However, ensure that you’re only doing this on the official Roblox website. Remember that you don’t give your login details to anyone promising to offer you free items.


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