Samsung Galaxy M62 Receives June 2023 Security Patch

The June 2023 security update for the Samsung Galaxy M62 has been released. One UI build version M625FXXU4CWF1 is being rolled out, and it’s been updated to improve system security and stability.

The update is currently being rolled out across a number of Asian countries, one of which is Nepal. The update is being rolled out in a staged manner via an OTA.

June 2023 Security Update: A Closer Look

According to official details, the June 2023 security update fixes more than 50 vulnerabilities that were compromising user privacy and security. These issues spanned across a range of severity, with 3 deemed critical and 47 high-level of common vulnerability exposure. These vulnerabilities were found in various areas, including CC Mode, Exynos, and Knox ID​.

Checking for the Update

Samsung Galaxy M62 Receives June 2023 Security Patch

Despite being just an incremental update, it plays a crucial role in maintaining the security of the device. The update does not introduce any new features or changes apart from the security enhancements.

Users can manually check for the update by navigating to Settings, selecting Software update, and then clicking on Download and install​.

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