Samsung One UI 6.1 brings Battery Protection and Process Data Only on Device Features

Samsung is continuously trying to push more and more new features to its Galaxy smartphones via One UI. Currently, the One UI 6.1 skin is new in the Galaxy family & the Galaxy S24 series receives two useful features that help in improving the battery life such as ‘Battery Protection’ and ‘Process Data Only on Device’. The One UI 6.1 also brings better performance and stability overall.

Talking about these two mentioned features, they’re promised to improve the battery life and efficiency in the long run. Samsung Galaxy devices having issues with significant battery drain and overheating in the last couple of months recently. The specific feature has also been pushed to the Samsung Galaxy A52 device in India. So, we’re expecting that more eligible Galaxy devices will receive the same update soon.

Battery Protection: Overview

When it comes to the Battery Protection feature, Galaxy devices manage to consume less power from the battery to reduce the additional stress on the battery.

If you’ve also received the latest One UI update and are interested in using this feature, you can go to Settings > Battery > Battery Protection. Then Turn it On manually by choosing any of the three following modes:

  • Basic
    • When your battery is charged to 100%, charging will stop until the battery level drops down to 95% and then charging will start again.
  • Adaptive
    • Use Maximum while you’re asleep and switch to Basic before you wake up. Sleep time is estimated based on your phone usage patterns.
  • Maximum
    • Your battery will stop charging when it reaches 80%.
One UI 6.1 battery protection features on Galaxy S23 Ultra | Pic: rootmygalaxy
One UI 6.1 battery protection features on Galaxy S23 Ultra | Pic: rootmygalaxy

That means the ‘Basic’ mode will generally allow the device to complete the charging to 100% and immediately stop charging until the battery level goes down to 95%. It will again continue charging. While the ‘Adaptive’ mode automatically switches between basic and maximum as per your usage and sleeping pattern.

However, the ‘Maximum’ mode will restrict the battery charging to 80% and reduce the charging life cycle of the battery.

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Process Data Only On Device: Overview

The OEM has also included the ‘Process Data Only On Device’ feature that allows users to enjoy AI advantages even while preserving the battery juice for other tasks. After activating this feature, users will be able to experience a smooth and seamless performance with the battery.

On device data process with One UI 6.1 | Pic: rootmygalaxy
On device data process with One UI 6.1 | Pic: rootmygalaxy

You can also turn it on from Settings > Advanced Settings > Advanced Intelligence > Process Data Only On Device.

If you haven’t received these features with One UI 6.1 yet, be sure to wait for a couple of weeks. You can comment below for any battery-related issues.

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