What do different Snapchat emojis mean: Snapchat emojis meanings explained

Snapchat is one of the most popular messaging/social media apps in the age of the Internet. The app keeps track of all of your app usage and then assigns emojis to your friendships based on how often you’re contacting the other person. So if you’re seeing a Snapchat emoji next to the name of your Snapchat friends and wondering what it means, this guide will tell you exactly what it means. Stick around to know all the answers.

What is the significance of Snapchat emojis?

Unlike traditional emojis used in messaging apps, Snapchat emojis will come with a definite purpose. Referred to as “Friend emojis”, the photo-centric messaging platform makes use of emojis as an entertaining way of defining your relationship with other Snapchat friends. These emojis get assigned based on how you and your friends are interacting with you on the platform. Depending on the frequency of Snaps and messages, you’ll be assigned a category with an emoji that represents it.

Every Snapchat emoji’s meaning will be discussed in detail in this article, which is a must-read for anyone who is an active user like myself who uses the app often.
To wrap up, we’ll go over the most frequent Snapchat icons and what they imply.

Snapchat emojis meanings explained

Meanings of different Snapchat friend emojis

Snapchat has a variety of friend emojis and each emoji will have its own hidden meaning. Here are all the different Snapchat emojis and their different meanings.

  • Best Friends (Smile /😊)

Snapchat shows a smiling emoji next to the person when they’re one of your best friends. Keep in mind that it doesn’t mean that both of you are best friends of each other. You’ll see this emoji beside multiple Snapchat contacts as long as you both frequently send snaps to each other.

  • Besties (Yellow heart/💛)

If you’re the top best friend of each other, you’ll see the yellow heart icon, which indicates that the person is your bestie. This is probably the person with whom you share your deepest secrets.

  • BFF (Red heart/❤️)

Snapchat users who become each other’s bestie (top friend) for two consecutive weeks will receive a red heart next to their name in the chats list. As you may have guessed already, you’ll be going from besties (yellow heart) to BFF (red heart) to stay consistent.

  • Super BFF (Two pink hearts/💕)

Outside Snapstreaks, Super BFF will be the ultimate symbol of friendship on Snapchat. This emoji is awarded when you’ve been each other’s top best friend for two months in a row. Once that happens, you’ll see two pink hearts once you unlock this category.

  • Mutual BFs (Sunglasses Face/😎)

If one of your best friends happens to be the best friend of another user, you’ll be receiving the sunglasses emoji. This will show that you’re mutual best friends. This emoji will be common amongst people with common interests or friends who attend the same school.

  • Mutual Besties (Grimace/😬)

If your top best friend is also someone else’s top best friend, you will get a grimacing emoji next to their name. This happens in a tightly-knit friend circle where 3-4 people are in the group.

  • Baby (👶)

The baby emoji appears on Snapchat when you’ve newly become a Snapchat friend of someone. Adding each other to the friend list will be important on Snapchat. Otherwise, the messages you’re sending will remain in pending status.

  • Birthday (Cake/🎂)

Just as the name suggests, the birthday cake emoji will appear next to your friend’s name on their birthday. If you find it hard to keep track of birthdays, this feature will be a godsend for you.

  • Snapstreak (Fire/🔥)

A fire emoji will appear next to the contact’s name when you start a Snapstreak. A Snapstreak begins when you’ve sent and received snaps from a person for at least three consecutive days.

  • 100 Snapstreak (100 emoji/💯)

Snapchat users who are dedicated enough to maintain Snapstream for 100 consecutive days will get the 100 emoji instead of the fire con on the 100th day. It’ll undoubtedly be a moment worth celebrating.

  • Hourglass (⌛)

The hourglass emoji will remind you that your Snapstreaks are about to end. An hourglass emoji will appear next to a person’s name when you’ve spent 20 hours without sending a snap.

In simple words, you’ll have just 4 hours left before your Snapstreaks expire. Once the Snapstreak expires, the hourglass emoji will disappear as well. Once your Snapstreak is over, you’ll need to begin all over again from the start.

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