How to Redeem Honkai Star Rail Promo codes

Promo codes are a special benefit given to players as they help them level up in the game without any further thought. Since Honkai Star Rail’s release as of now, there is no moment left when players lose to level up in the game.

As here players need credit to do In-Game trade and buy things that are needed for perfect gameplay. Alongside, Promo codes can’t replace any special bonus from developers.

Because these codes landed in the game every month players get a specified balance of credits. So they can redeem that code and get the given item as a reward. Similar to every month, September 2023 received promo codes but the problem is players don’t know how to get those free credits. I mean redeem those rewards. So, without any further delay let’s discuss steps for redeeming promo codes.

Learn these steps to redeem Honkai Star Rail Promo codes

Promo codes

Usually, developers from Honkai Star Rail release promo codes in bunchs but every promo code has an expiry resulting in some specific codes left to redeem. Like this month developers released numerous promo codes but at present, there are two codes available to redeem. These are STPN3TUUTQ8K for 50 Stellar Jade, 10000 credits (expiring on October 10th), and STARRAILGIFT for 50 Stellar Jade, 2 Travelers Guide, 5 Bottled Soda and 10000 (no expiry). So, without wasting any more time let’s see how to redeem them.

  1. Launch Honkai Star Rail.
  2. Then tap on the three dots appearing at the top right corner.
  3. Select the Redemption code option.
  4. Now enter the promo code that you want.
  5. Lastly, Tap on confirm and you are done.

Once you do these steps, Your Honkai Star Rail Promo code free reward will be credited to your In-game mail. It means from now you can use those freebies in the game and get support wherever you lose. I hope with this hack you will eagerly wait for every month to look for new promo codes and subsequently redeem them in reference to the above steps.

Image Credit: Game Spot

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