{2020} Top 10 New Nova Launcher Icon Packs For Free

Top 10 New Nova Launcher Icon Packs 2020 (Free), Personalization on Android has no limits. At our disposal are launchers, widgets, themes, packs of icons, etc. Endless tools to make our smartphone unique. In this article, we bring you Top 10 New Nova Launcher Icon Packs that you can download if you want to give a new look to your mobile.

Remember: Nova launcher is the most popular and most used android launcher. It comes with the both a free and paid version. These icon packs can be used for both free and paid version of the launcher.These Icon packs can be used in any android launcher like apex, action launcher and all other Android launchers with icon pack support.

10 New Nova Launcher Icon Packs of 2020 (Free)


First, we have one of the best-selling icons packs in the Google Play Store. Its icons mix a flat style and Material Design with colours a bit more retro than we are used to seeing in the new design lines of Google. It includes more than 3000 icons and about 130 wallpapers compatible with the Nova Launcher.

Top 10 New Nova Launcher Icon Packs 2017 (Free)

Its price is 40rs, although we leave you one more link to get it for free

Google Play | RETRORIKA Icon Pack (R.S. 40) | there were many time when it was free.

Download OnePlus 5 Stock wallpapers In Full HD Resolution

Top 10 New Nova Launcher Icon Packs 2017 (Free)

Secondly on our Top 10 New Nova Launcher Icon Packs 2020 (Free) list, we bring a free icon pack, in this case, icons that follow the Material Design style in a more elegant way and including very soft shadows that give them a great look. This pack contains more than 800 icons and 12 wallpapers, it is also compatible with Muzei and they offer us a redesign of the pack with dark tones , called Cygnus Black.

Google Play | Cygnus Icon Pack (Free)

Google Play | Cygnus Dark (Free)


Top 10 New Nova Launcher Icon Packs 2017 (Free)

We continue with Material Design theme with Glim, an icon pack that follows Google’s design lines, offering us a much more intense color palette with a flat design. This package brings more than 1,500 icons with the peculiarity that it contains different color variants for applications.

It can be found for free, although there is a paid version with more than 2500 icons.

Google Play | Glim Free (Free)

Google Play | Glim (3.03 euros)


Top 10 New Nova Launcher Icon Packs 2017 (Free)

If you want to have some uniformity in the shape of your icons, this pack is for you. It offers more than 2200 rounded icons in QHD resolution with a 3D style and a very bright color palette, as well as including several colorful and compatible backgrounds available to download directly from the cloud.

Google Play | Audax (2.19 euros)

Download for Free | Click here

Min and Minoir

Top 10 New Nova Launcher Icon Packs 2017 (Free)

If you prefer minimalism and bored with excess colors, Min offers us this package composed of small monochrome icons, either in white or black depending on the version of the application that we download. It also includes several wallpapers that combine very well with the theme of the icons.

Google Play | Min (Free)

Google Play | Minoir (Free)

8 bits

Top 10 New Nova Launcher Icon Packs 2017 (Free)

For lovers of retro and 8 bits, the developer Jenning, brings us this pack with more than 700 icons including HTC and Samsung system applications, as well as including 8-bit wallpapers of Star Wars, the Avengers, Time of Adventures or Super Mario.

We can find a free version and a donation version with more icons and wallpapers.

Google Play | 8-bit (Free)

Google Play | 8-bit Donate (1.49 euros)


Top 10 New Nova Launcher Icon Packs 2017 (Free)

Another minimalist pack that currently only has 90 icons, although its developer promises us that it is creating more and is open to listening to the requests of users, some very elegant icons in white that only show the outline of the image. Without a doubt a very good option if you want to maintain in a simple way the appearance of your Android.

Google Play | Glyphsy (Free)


Top 10 New Nova Launcher Icon Packs 2017 (Free)

Returning to Material Design, we have this package with more than 750 high-resolution icons with the color palette provided by Google in its design line, it also includes color variants for some icons and some aerial view wallpapers that have been so much fashionable, also compatible with Nova Launcher.

Google Play | Candycons (Free)


Top 10 New Nova Launcher Icon Packs 2017 (Free)

A nice and elegant icon pack, with shadow at the bottom and in the form of a circle. There are more than 4,000 icons supported in this icon pack and of course, it is compatible with all the usual launchers and includes more 30 HD backgrounds based on the cloud. And thus is the reason why is it in our Top 10 New Nova Launcher Icon Packs 2020 (Free) list

Google Play | Atran (Free)


Top 10 New Nova Launcher Icon Packs 2017 (Free)

They are really handmade icons and it shows that they have all the dedication and style to make them look pretty. It includes:

  • 2500 craft icons
  • 110 HD Wallpapers
  • Templates to create widgets with Zooper Widget, KLWP, and KWGT templates + Komponents
  • Compatible with most Launcher for Android, Nova launcher too.

Google Play | Cornie (Free)

What are your favorite icon packages? Do not forget to tell us in the comments!

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