Top 6 best iOS Emulator for Windows (run iOS apps- 2018)

Here we are sharing our Top 6 best iOS Emulator for Windows (run iOS apps- 2018): Emulators have been common since a lot of apps and devices based on different platform became common among people. Emulators are used for a variety of purposes. These are used by developers to test apps and programs. Others use these to simply be able to run apps on a different platform. Windows and iOS being two important platforms available today, the emulators supporting both are widely available.

An Emulator is a tool or a virtual program which in create an OS environment different from the native operative system. In this way, users can run apps and program on a different platform or operating system on your operating system. An iOS emulator on windows will let you run iOS-based apps or programs on your Windows PC. This is done by creating a virtual iOS environment within your Windows PC. Emulators use a technology known as virtualisation, which is used to build virtual machines.

By using iOS emulatory you can solve the issue of data transfer which does not work well with iOS apps. In addition to a developer, you can test the iOS-based apps easily on your windows pc itself without having to spend heavy on an iOS device. You also can enjoy all iOS based apps and games on your Windows PC itself.

Our list of Top 6 best iOS Emulator for Windows To Run iOS Apps

We are listing here the top 6 iOS emulator you can try with your Windows PC.


APP.IO is a commonly used iOS emulator which is available for windows. The one thing which makes it the best for many users is the easy navigation provided with this. You can sync the ios.appi with it and start using it with your windows pc.




APPETIZE.IO is considered to be an alternative for the previously discussed APP>IO. But in case you are a developer, APPETIZE.IO will work better for you. They have added the ability to develop apps and test it by using cloud storage within the emulator. But this emulator is not fully free to use, but they have added a free usage of 100minutes. After you cross the free usage time of 100minutes, you will have to pay a charge of $0.05 for every minute.




the MobiOne Studio has been officially discontinued from development, but you can still use it. This is considered to be one of the best iOS emulator available for Windows PC. This emulator also has an option to add notification similar to iPhones.




the Smart Face iPhone emulator is widely used by developers to test iOS apps. They have a paid version and also a free version. You can choose anyone based on your needs. The cheapest paid version will cost you $99.


Smart Face


The Air iPhone emulator works in association with the Adobe Air framework. When installed the emulator will create an interface similar to iPhone on your Windows PC. You will have to install the Air framework to let apps work on it.


Air iPhone


The Nintendo 3Ds Emulator is mainly used for playing iPhone games on your Windows PC. This has been reviewed by many users as the emulator to use for running iOS games on windows. With this emulator, you can seamlessly play 3D games on your Windows PC with the help of a virtual console the emulator creates for you.


Nintendo 3Ds emulator

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