What do AFK and KYS mean on Discord?

Discord is a social media app that is incredibly popular with not only gamers but software developers too. This software accommodates all types of users, including people looking to send messages, share videos, and connect with others.

Since the dawn of the internet, there has been an evolution in how people communicate, which has given rise to internet slang.

Two of the common internet slang used are AFK and KYS. In this guide, you will get to know what do AFK and KYS mean on Discord.

What do AFK and KYS mean on Discord?

What do AFK and KYS mean on Discord?

AFK is an abbreviation used to communicate “Away From Keyboard”. Discord users use AFK to inform other people that they’re offline or inactive for some time. The right opportunity to use AFK is when you’re playing any game on Discord but want to take a short break. You can easily message others on the servers, telling them that “play another round, I’ll be AFK for around 15 minutes”.

Interestingly, the use of AFK isn’t just limited to Discord. It is general internet slang that can be used in different contexts and scenarios, including on other social media apps.

Suppose you’re catching up with someone over text and they’re asking you to meet but you plan on staying at home due to exams. In that case, you’ll be able to respond with “I’ll be AFL until my exams end. We can meet later”.

KYS, on the other hand, stands for “Kill Yourself” and it’s generally pronounced as “kiss”. Although this abbreviation might sound aggressive and hateful, it has rather playful connotations on Discord and other social media platforms.

The real intention behind this acronym is to playfully taunt anyone who said or did something so embarrassing that you’re telling them to kill themselves out of embarrassment instead of living with it.

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