What is the best class for Chloe in Fire Emblem Engage

One of the best things about the Fire Emblem franchise is the constant inclusion of beautiful but vaguely ditzy women on flying horses. If she is a knight, this just makes it even better. In Fire Emblem Engage, the character Chloe fits that description perfectly. She is a Lance Flier by default and deals a lot of damage while being particularly strong against Magic users.

However, some people might want to take things one step further. Some might want to know what is the best class for Chloe in Fire Emblem Engage.

What is the best class for Chloe in Fire Emblem Engage

Despite only arriving in Chapter 4, Chloe maintains her utility throughout the game as she falls in the A-tier ranking. Chloe arrives as Lance Flier with a Proficiency in Lance with her stat spread prioritizing speed and health. Here is the growth rate of Chloe in Fire Emblem Engage.

  • HP – 75
  • Luck – 25
  • Magic – 35
  • Strength – 25
  • Dexterity – 40
  • Speed – 55
  • Defense – 35
  • Resistance – 35

It is a fairly nice growth rate. There isn’t anything particularly weak here but the emphasis on Speed and Health means that she will be better as someone who moves through the map. This is fitting as her current class of Lance Flier allows her to do just that.

Griffin Knight

What is the best class for Chloe in Fire Emblem Engage

However, her best class is the Griffin Knight. This is a well-balanced class that can dish out damage while offering support through Staves. It will require proficiency in Staves and Axes. You can easily obtain Axe Proficiency through Emblem Ring Leif or Ike while Staff Proficiency could be learned easily from Emblem Ring Micaiah.

The Griffin Knight will be ideal for Chloe due to how her natural stats have been distributed. She’s pretty fast and capable of taking a hit but by no means she should be your primary source of physical or magical damage. For this reason, she’ll be an excellent unit for sneaking in an attack with.

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The Griffin Knight’s Growth Rates will pair well with Chloe’s –

  • HP – 0
  • Luck – 15
  • Magic – 15
  • Strength – 10
  • Dexterity – 15
  • Speed – 20
  • Defense – 0
  • Resistance – 15

Speed and Dexterity will make sure that Chloe has the highest chance of avoiding or making use of a follow-up attack. Meanwhile, the aerial status of the Griffin offers free maneuverability. In many ways, she will function like Hortensia but with a different sort of charm and potency.

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