WhatsApp Beta v2.24.12.27 Adds Status Privacy for Android

WhatsApp’s new beta update v2.24.12.27 for Android devices is now  being rolled out. This update lets users confirm their privacy settings before posting a status update. It’s similar to a feature on iPhone and is being tested by a few beta users.

With this update, users can control who sees their status updates. Before posting, users can choose who can view their status. This new feature makes sharing updates easier. Users can set their privacy settings once and don’t need to change them for each status.

Now, you don’t have to go into the privacy settings menu to select who can see your status updates. You can manage it directly while posting. This feature is gradually becoming available to more Android beta users through the Google Play Store.

WhatsApp Beta v2.24.12.27 Adds Status Privacy for Android
WhatsApp Beta v2.24.12.27 Adds Status Privacy for Android | Pic: wabetainfo

As more people start using this feature, WhatsApp will get feedback. They can use this feedback to make the feature better in the future.

For WhatsApp users who are new to the platform, this latest privacy-focused addition will be beneficial. Choosing who can see your statuses right when you post simplifies the process and helps avoid accidentally sharing publicly when that wasn’t the intention. It makes managing privacy easier and more straightforward.


Dibyashree Sharma
Dibyashree Sharma
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