WhatsApp/Instagram expands testing of Meta AI chatbot to more countries

It seems like Meta is taking a major step by adding AI integration to its apps like WhatsApp and Instagram. The company is officially rolling out its AI chatbot feature to users globally who have set English as their default WhatsApp language.

After initially testing with a limited user base in the US, Meta is now expanding it’s AI integration to a much wider audience. Both iOS and Android users will be able to access and experience an AI assistant built right into their WhatsApp app.

To get started, simply look for the new Meta AI icon or search bar at the top of your chat list on the latest WhatsApp version or even Instagram chat. This AI chatbot can converse with you, answer queries across various topics, and even generate images based on your prompts (with an AI watermark overlay).

My Experience with Meta AI with Instagram Chat (Its available with WhatsApp as well)

Meta AI Inside Instagram Chat | Pic: rootmygalaxy

In my experience testing it out, the AI has showcased impressive capabilities in understanding and responding to a diverse range of questions and commands. While the AI has shown impressive capabilities so far, it’s still important to think critically about the responses instead of just blindly accepting everything it says.

The really exciting part is how Meta has managed to integrate this advanced AI technology directly into WhatsApp and Instagram, apps used by billions globally. It opens up so many possibilities for enhancing how we communicate digitally using AI.

Over the last few days of using it, I’ve discovered some cool tips and tricks for getting the most out of this WhatsApp AI assistant. And I’m confident this is only the start; as AI evolves further, we’ll see even more AI-powered features come to WhatsApp in the future.

If you’re among the lucky ones getting access to Meta’s newly released AI chatbot on WhatsApp, I’d love to hear your firsthand experience and any cool discoveries you make with it. We’re witnessing communication being redefined before our eyes!

Dibyashree Sharma
Dibyashree Sharma
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