WhatsApp’s Latest Beta Suggests New Contacts to Chat With

WhatsApp wants to help you connect with more people through a fresh “Contacts Suggestion” feature in their latest beta version This handy addition recommends new contacts for you to start conversations with directly from your phone’s address book.

The new beta update adds a “Start Chatting” section at the bottom of your chats list. Here, you’ll find suggestions for people you haven’t chatted with yet on WhatsApp. This can motivate you to reach out and make new connections.

First spotted in an earlier beta, the Contacts Suggestion feature is now available for beta testers to try out. Its goal is to improve your experience by intelligently surfacing contacts you’ve never messaged before from your saved address book.

Start chatting section whatsapp
Start chatting section whatsapp | Screenshot: wabetainfo

This will be especially useful for new WhatsApp users. Right when you install and register the app, you’ll get tailored suggestions to easily start chatting with people from your contacts right away.

In the coming weeks, more users beyond just beta testers will gain access to the Contacts Suggestion feature. Its purpose is to helpfully boost engagement on WhatsApp by prompting new conversations and connections.

This allows WhatsApp to provide a more personalized experience by proactively recommending relevant new contacts for you to interact with based on your own address book data. But it does so in a transparent way that maintains user privacy. Share your thoughts about this new addition to whatsapp in the comment section down below.

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