[2024] Discover 7 Secret iPhone Apps: Unleash Hidden Functionality on Your Device

Did you know that your iPhone has a number of secret apps lurking beneath the surface? Your iPhone is a sophisticated gadget with a tonne of functions and apps.

These hidden apps, though not readily visible on your Home screen or App Library, offer unique functionalities that can enhance your iPhone experience. This post will reveal seven undiscovered secret iPhone applications and give you instructions on how to use them. Let’s dive into the secrets of these hidden gems!

Your iPhone is packed with hidden features and apps that can enhance its usage. These unseen apps are not usually visible but can offer surprising capabilities. Let’s together discover these secret apps and explore the full potential of your iPhone. Are you ready for this exciting exploration?

7 Best iPhone Apps Which You May Not Know About

[2024] Discover 7 Secret iPhone Apps: Unleash Hidden Functionality on Your Device

Apple TV Remote

Ever wished your iPhone could operate an Apple TV or smart TV that supports AirPlay? The hidden Apple TV Remote app allows you to do just that. Although it’s typically accessible through the Control Center, you can create a shortcut using the URL scheme “tvremote://” to access it as a standalone app. This enables you to control volume levels, navigate menus, play and pause media, change channels, perform searches, type on a keyboard, and even use Siri—all without needing a physical remote.

Code Scanner

While the Camera app on your iPhone can scan QR codes, there’s a hidden app called Code Scanner that offers a more refined user interface. Code Scanner can be accessed by adding it as a control to your Control Center, searching for it on your Home screen, or asking Siri to open it. This app automatically opens URLs using an in-app browser, allowing you to quickly return to scanning after closing the webpage. With a sleek UI and support for App Clip codes, Code Scanner takes QR code scanning to the next level.

Print Center

Print Center is the hidden app responsible for managing AirPrint technology on your iPhone. While you can’t directly open it, you can access it from the App Switcher when a print job is in progress. By selecting “Print” from the share sheet on a document or image, you can choose your print settings, initiate printing, and then open Print Center from the App Switcher. In Print Center, you can view and manage your queued print jobs, offering greater control over your printing experience.


The Diagnostics app is a hidden tool that Apple uses to read diagnostics data and troubleshoot issues with iPhones. To access it, you can either type the URL scheme “diags://” or “diagnostics://” into Safari or follow an alternative method. You may access the Diagnostics app by turning off your iPhone, plugging it in, and holding down both volume keys until the Apple logo appears. It allows you to initiate diagnostics tests but typically requires a ticket number from Apple for full functionality.

Field Test Mode

Field Test Mode is another hidden app that provides valuable information about your iPhone’s cellular signal strength and network connection. To access it, open your Phone app and dial “3001#12345#,” followed by the call button. Field Test Mode will launch, displaying detailed data such as signal strength, network type, and other technical information. This app is particularly useful for troubleshooting connection issues or optimizing your signal reception.

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Feedback Assistant

Feedback Assistant is a hidden app designed for beta participants to submit detailed reports on issues encountered while using iOS betas. However, you can also access Feedback Assistant without installing a beta version of iOS. By using the URL scheme “applefeedback://” in Safari or through a shortcut, you can open Feedback Assistant, sign in with your Apple ID, and submit feedback to contribute to the improvement of iOS and iPadOS.

Account Settings

Managing your Apple account is made easier with the hidden Account Settings app. By using the URL scheme “itms-ui://” in Safari or through a shortcut, you can open Account Settings, which appears as a modal window over.
In conclusion, your iPhone holds a collection of hidden apps that can enhance your user experience and provide valuable functionality. These apps may not be easily accessible from your Home Screen or App Library, but with a few tricks, you can unlock their potential.

From controlling your Apple TV and AirPlay-compatible smart TVs with the Apple TV Remote app to scanning QR codes more efficiently using Code Scanner, these hidden apps offer convenience and advanced features. Managing your printing tasks becomes effortless with Print Center, and the Diagnostics app provides insights into troubleshooting your device.

Field Test Mode allows you to analyze and optimize your cellular signal strength, while Feedback Assistant empowers beta testers to contribute feedback and shape future iOS developments. Lastly, the Account Settings app streamlines the management of your Apple account, making it easier to handle subscriptions, payments, and other important aspects.

By discovering and utilizing these hidden gems, you can maximize your iPhone’s potential and enjoy a more personalized and efficient user experience. So, take the time to explore these apps, unlock their features, and uncover new favorites that can further enhance your iPhone journey.

Remember that your iPhone has more to offer than first appears, and you may maximise its potential by taking use of these undiscovered apps.

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