Pixel phones get Android 13 Beta 3 Update!

The third public beta version of Android 13 has been made available by Google. Platform Stability has been reached, which is a significant achievement for developers because all app-facing behaviours are now complete. Certain Pixel smartphones are now receiving Android 13 Beta 3 as it rolls out.

This new update comes almost a month after the second beta was released on time and it showed the Pixel users a glimpse into what the upcoming Android 13 would bring. There will be another Beta update in July and the next step would come in the form of the final release that is expected to go out for the supported Pixel devices at some point in the fall.

Android 13 Beta 3 stage released for Pixel users

With the third Beta stage, Android 13 has reached Platform Stability, which is an important milestone for app developers. It means that all app-facing behaviors in the operating system and the APIs are now final. This is where the majority of app developers would want to begin working on Android 13 compatibility for their apps and software packages, knowing that the platform will not change from now until the firmware’s final release.

As a quick refresher, the Android 13 firmware will bring in a renewed focus on privacy, security, and productivity. Moreover, it’ll offer better support for tablets and large screens, building upon the work previously done with the Android 12L update. There will be new notification permission as well as a revamped photo picker for sharing, per-app language support, themed app icons, and support for modern standards like MIDI 2.0 over USB, HDR video, and Bluetooth LE Audio.

How To Get Android 13 Beta 3 On Your Pixel Device

If you’re looking to try the new Android 13 Beta 3 build on your Pixel device, you can enroll for it here. You’ll be receiving the build as a software update. In case your device has already been enrolled, you’ll be receiving the update notification shortly.

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