Download and Install Android 13 GApps

Looking to enrich your custom ROM experience on your device? Downloading Android 13 GApps is the key. This package grants you access to essential Google applications and services such as Google Play Store, Gmail, and Google Drive. While some custom ROMs like LineageOS require a separate GApps installation, others might have it pre-included. In this guide, we provide direct download links and step-by-step instructions to effortlessly download and install Android 13 GApps on your device, ensuring a smooth transition to a feature-rich user interface.

In a nutshell, GApps are just a collection of Google’s official software and services. You won’t be able to utilise your Android 13 phone to its full potential without these programmes, since core features like Google Accounts, Sync, and the Play Store won’t work.

Download Android 13 GApps on your phone

As the GApps only consist of a few apps from Google without any modification, there’s no specific source that can be considered to be the best. The only parameter that users usually take into consideration is the one who uploads it first will get the click. With that said, here are different trusted sources from which you can download and install Android 13 GApps for your device.

  • LiteGApps – Download (Latest available for Android 13)
  • FlameGApps – Download (Latest available for Android 12.1 and Android 12L)
  • NikGapps – Download (Latest available for Android 12.1 and Android 12L)
  • BiTGApps – Download (Latest available for Android 12)
  • MindTheGApps – Download (Latest available for Android 12.1 and Android 12L)

How to install Android 13 GApps on your device

download and install Android 13 GApps on your smartphone

Unless instructed otherwise, the GApps package must be flashed after installing the custom ROM and the mode of flashing must be a custom recovery like TWRP. Here is how you can install GApps via TWRP mount.

  1. On your PC, download and extract the Android SDK Platform Tools
  2. After that, connect your device to the PC using a USB cable
  3. From TWRP, go to Mount and then tap on Enable MTP
  4. Open File Explorer on your PC and your smartphone will be visible
  5. Transfer the file to your smartphone
  6. Once it is done, head over to the Install section of TWRP
  7. Select the GApps zip file and then perform a right-swipe to flash it
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