Android 13 Google Assistant not working or Broken? Try these fixes

Google Assistant is among the most valuable virtual assistants that you can find in the smartphone scene. Aside from its impressive features, Google Assistant is very fun to use. It can make things slightly frustrating if Google Assistant isn’t working.

There are numerous reports that state that Android 13 is stopping Google Assistant from working properly. If you’ve recently updated your device to Android 13 and Google Assistant isn’t working smoothly, this guide is the right option for you. Here, you’ll find the different ways you can fix Google Assistant not working or broken issue on Android 13.

Method 1: Check the internet connectivity

The first thing that you’ll need to do is check the internet connectivity. Open the notification panel and ensure that your mobile data or Wi-Fi is turned on. Restart it by tapping the respective icons and checking again.

Android 13 Google Assistant not workingor Broken? Try these fixes

Method 2: Make sure that your mic is turned on

  • Open the Settings
  • Head over to the Application Manager
  • Select all applications
  • Tap on the Google App
  • In the permissions, select allow the app to use a microphone to listen to your commands

Method 3: Check if Google Assistant is turned on or not

  1. Tap on the Google App
  2. Scroll down before tapping on the settings of the Google app
  3. Select the Search, Assistant, and Voice Option
  4. Tap on Google Assistant before scrolling down until you get general settings
  5. Tap on it
  6. Ensure that the toggle button of the Google Assistant is turned on
  7. If it isn’t turned on, you should turn it on

Method 4: Clear the cache data

  • Open the Settings
  • Tap on the Apps
  • Find the Google Application
  • Tap on the storage tab and you’ll see a clear cache option
  • Tap on Clear Cache

It’ll clear your cache data from Google apps. If it isn’t working for you, try out these steps.

  • In the same storage tab of Google, you will find a clear data option
  • Now, tap on the Clear Data feature

You’ll have to log in to the Google app again with your Email account and start Google Assistant after that.

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