Android 13 remains popular among smartphone users in 2024

Android 13 remains popular among smartphone users still in 2024 even after almost a year of the Android 14 release by Google. By the end of last year 2023, Android 13 was the most popular Android OS version claimed by the distribution numbers of Google. Back in May 2023, Android 13 was running on around 22.4% of devices which was good at that time. At the time of writing this article, it seems that the data has been improved further even though the latest Android 14 OS is already in the public and the stable Android 15 OS is also going to launch soon.

So, the chances are high that plenty of people are using slightly older device models that are limited to running Android 13 or somehow the latest updates haven’t arrived on a huge number of device units by their OEMs. But the most important thing is that almost 33.9% of combined smartphones and tablet devices are running Android 13 officially which is huge. To recall, Android 13 (codenamed ‘Tiramisu’) is the 13th major Android OS version that was launched in August 2022.

We’re in May 2024 and the operating system version still dominates Android 14 by a huge margin. Talking about the current user base of Android 14 (U), it’s merely 13% as per the official records. You can also check the same details of the Android Distribution Chart by Composables. Therefore, we can easily say that Android 13 is still the most loved and most used Android OS version in Q2 2024. Well, the numbers may also increase in the upcoming months as the release date of Android 15 comes closer.

Android 13 remains popular among smartphone users 2024

Android 13 remains popular among smartphone users in 2024

We should also mention that Android 13 also surpasses the API distribution numbers as compared to Android 10, Android 11, and Android 12 versions. Sometimes sticking to a particular operating system version can also indicate the software stability, overall performance, battery health, user satisfaction, etc by the higher volume. With each release of the Android OS version, plenty of bugs and stability issues can appear to the users.

But as more than a year has passed, the older Android 13 OS has become so stable to use as a daily driver. Additionally, the user interface and the overall familiarity with the Android 13 OS features are significant aspects of the fanbase. No one wants to upgrade or switch to the next level until everything goes smoothly and feels sustainable.

Similarly, when the latest Android OS version is released, most smartphone users prefer to stay with the existing operating system version until another OS version launches. It will help them to stay away from unwanted bugs and issues with their primary devices.

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Android 13 remains popular among smartphone users in 2024
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Android 13’s Current Status

There are some key points to be mentioned that play a major role in the higher user occupancy of Android 13 in 2024.

1. Android 13’s Market Share

  • Android 13 continues to hold a significant market share even in mid-2024.
  • Currently, the cumulative distribution chart shows 33% for Android 13. (May 2024)

2. Stability and Performance

  • Android 13 offers better stability and performance.
  • Many users and handsets remain using Android 13 even though new versions are available.

3. Device Compatibility

  • Not all device models support the latest Android OS versions.
  • Most manufacturers can delay in pushing the latest software updates on their devices.

4. User Familiarity

  • Users are getting quite familiar and comfortable with Android 13.
  • Unless users feel they need to upgrade, no one can force them.

5. Update Availability

  • Maybe the mobile carriers and manufacturers slow down the update rollout cycle.
  • Some regions also receive software updates quite slowly.

6. Hardware Limitations

  • Older devices are becoming incompatible with the newer Android releases.
  • Lower device hardware restricts users from upgrading to the latest OS.

7. Waiting for New Android Release

  • Some users may also excited for the upcoming Android 15’s stable release.

Which Android OS version do you use and why? Let us know in the comments below.

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