Android 14 to Measure Distance Between Connected Bluetooth Devices

Google has reportedly working on a Bluetooth distance measurement API that will be available for Android users. This new feature will allow them to measure the approximate distance between their mobile phone and any connected Bluetooth device, such as headphones or speakers.

The technology behind this feature is based on the Received Signal Strength Indicator (RSSI), which measures how strong a signal is when it travels from one point to another. It’s important to note that this method of measuring distances isn’t precise, but it can give users an idea of whether they are more or less than 1 meter away from their connected device.

This new API differs from Apple’s AirTag tracker in terms of its usage; while AirTag points you in the right direction and lets you know if your missing accessory is approaching, Google’s version simply tells you how far away your device is located without providing any directional information about where exactly it may be located.

Android 14 to Measure Distance Between Connected Bluetooth Devices

The Bluetooth Distance Measurement API will be available with Android 14., so make sure to keep an eye out for updates! With this convenient tool at your fingertips, finding misplaced devices should become much easier than before – no more searching around blindly trying desperately not only find what was lost but also figure out where exactly it went!


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