Android 14 Update: Rumored Features and Release Date

Android 14, the next major update to Google’s mobile operating system, is expected to arrive in mid-2023. Although the official release date has not yet been announced, rumors and reports suggest that the beta version of Android 14 could be available as early as April 2023, with the first Developer Preview potentially arriving in February.

One of the key features of Android 14 is expected to be the mandatory support for the AV1 codec, which will allow for reduced bandwidth requirements for online video streaming and faster loading times. Additionally, Android 14 is rumored to support 64-bit-only devices, making it easier for developers to create more efficient and powerful apps.

Another exciting feature of Android 14 is the potential for direct satellite connectivity to smartphones. This would allow users to access services like Starlink V2, even in remote areas where network coverage is limited.

Android 14 Update: Rumored Features and Release Date

Android 14 related regular updates

Update 1: According to a recent report, support for the Identity Credential HAL framework API will be a requirement for the Android 14 launch. This framework enables secure storage of mobile driver’s licenses within the Android OS.

Update 2: 9to5Google has revealed that Android 14 will include a predictive back gesture that will work within various apps, allowing users to easily preview the previous screen.

Update 3: Google Pixel users have been vocal about the inconsistent UI of the Extreme Battery Saver settings page in Android 13. It looks like Google is taking note and plans to redesign the entire page in future Android OS updates, starting with Android 14.

Stay tuned for more updates on the upcoming Android 14 release and its features as they become available.


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