[2024] 5 Best Android emulator options for Mac devices

Android offers capabilities iOS users want. Emulators let you use Android on Mac, running apps, games, and functions. This guide covers setting up Android emulators on Mac.

If you’re an iPhone and Mac user, you can still use Android OS on your Apple device. There are many Android emulators that will allow you to use Android OS on your Mac devices. You will be able to enjoy all the features and full capability with these emulators. You can run Android apps, play games, and do all the functions of Android devices on your Mac devices.

Best Android emulators for Mac devices

Here are some of the best Android emulators that will help you bring the Android experience to your Mac devices.

  1. Bluestacks

Bluestacks is arguably the most popular Android emulator that you can find on the market. This app has been serving Mac and Windows OS users for a few years and it has become the go-to option for users. While it is marketed for the masses, it isn’t an ideal option for developers. There will be a bit of lag when you’re operating it.

If you wish to use social media apps and Android games on your Mac device, then Bluestacks would be an excellent choice. You will be able to use heavy games while it’ll also offer key mapping support. The added features will greatly boost your gaming experience.

Download it from here

5 Best Android emulator options for Mac devices

  1. ARChon

ARChon is slightly different from most Android emulators as this is actually a Google Chrome extension. You won’t have to install any software on your Mac or waste storage space. However, it won’t be as seamless as a native program as it’ll take some fiddling to get apps and games to work. For using ARChon, once you’ve added it to the browser, you will need to push or drag APKs for loading the apps in the browser. It’ll be a free program for people who wish to use an Android emulator via Chrome.

Download it from here

  1. Nox Player

Here is yet another excellent option for users who want to enjoy Android apps and play Android games on their Mac devices. This emulator will allow you to run Android games, support controllers and joysticks, and more. There will be zero lag during general usage or gaming, so you can expect smooth performance.

One of the best features of this emulator is that you can keep multiple accounts. This will come in handy if you’re having a family computer. It will be extremely light on your PC and it’ll help with running smoothly and without any lag. This is a free emulator with no hidden fees. Nox will also give you the keyboard mapping feature, which means you’ll be able to play games more efficiently with the keyboard and mouse.

Download it from here

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  1. VirtualBox

Did you know you could use VirtualBox for creating your own Android emulator for Mac devices? Download VirtualBox on your Mac device and set it up using the necessary ISO image from Android-x86.org. You will be able to create an efficient emulator that’ll allow you to use almost any Android app or play any game on your Mac device.

As a bonus, VirtualBox will also give you control over the hardware and resources devoted to it. This will allow you to keep your Mac device running smoothly while also running your Android emulator in the background. VirtualBox is completely free to use. However, it is recommended to have 8GB of RAM or more on your device if you want to use this emulator.

Download it from here

  1. Android Studio

Google’s very own Android Studio emulator will come with an emulator that can be easily downloaded. It is a decent alternative but it isn’t as flashy and attractive as some of the other commercial emulators. It gets updated frequently and new features get added.

The emulator is designed for budding and experienced users as they’ll be able to test their apps before pushing them to the Google Play Store. It will work well for both Windows OS and Mac devices. It features all the tools you’ll need for using existing Android apps and designing your own apps.

Download it from here

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