Best Valorant Stats Trackers that Players Can Use in November 2022

Valorant is undoubtedly one of the biggest FPS games in the world currently and players absolutely love it. However, unlike its primary competitors, Valorant hasn’t added any stat tracking feature to allow the players to understand how good or bad they are doing in the games.

Tracking and analyzing your performance is key to improving your gameplay and ranking. If you’re looking to up your game after tracking your stats, you’ll want to know the Best Valorant Stats Trackers in 2022. In this guide, you’ll get to know about the Best Valorant Stats Trackers that Players Can Use in 2022. is among the best and most recognizable stat trackers for Valorant. Many pros and casual players rate it as their go-to choice for tracking stats. Some of its best features include map stats, stats for weapons, and stats of agents. Alongside the general stats, the dashboard will give you more personalized information such as your match history, percentage of accuracy, and more. There is also post-match analysis, which will help you pinpoint areas that you can improve in your gameplay.

Best Valorant Stats Trackers that Players Can Use in November 2022

For a beginner-friendly option, will give you a slightly limited repertoire of stats and features to not overwhelm the user. This tool provides insight into the average stat counts of your recent games, including the usual win rate, average damage, average kills, and less of a detailed extrapolation of these stats, or your strengths/weaknesses as a player.

Another well-known name in the stat-tracking scene, will help you track stats in Valorant. The platform offers user-provided content and guides that help you earn profile awards. Its mobile app portion will give you a more versatile approach for monitoring your stats and learning about your gameplay while you’re on the go. is an expansive tracker that can sometimes overload the users with the amount of stats it provides. Its post-match algorithm will analyze your gameplay and provide you with information on the areas that you can improve. Moreover, it’ll also track your performance across different maps, weapons, agents, and team comps.


A household among gamers, Overwolf has managed to grow into a popular framework app that provides various benefits to Valorant players. You can set up integration with and it’ll provide easy tracking solutions with more benefits if you add more useful steps. You can track your stats and monitor your gameplay for future improvement.

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