How to download and play the Valorant PBE [July-2022]

Before the new updates get implemented in video games, some developers first prefer to try them out on their game’s public beta environment or PBE. This will help the developers know what aspects to improve upon based on the feedback from players who are able to access it before the update makes its way to public servers.

Valorant is no stranger to this handy little concept. The 2020 breakout FPS game by Riot Games allows a limited number of gamers to try and test the new updates, content, features, and gameplay mechanics before they include them on the actual game patch.

What is the release date for the Valorant PBE?

Riot Games is officially launching the Valorant PBE on July 9th to test out a few aspects of the upcoming update. After that, gamers can expect Riot to invite other batches of players the weekend before the new patch is released. According to Riot Games, the PBE will be “selectively available” and will open over a weekend before each new patch and two weekends prior to the normal Tuesday live date.

How to apply for the Valorant PBE?

download and play the Valorant PBE

To become an official Valorant PBE tester, you’ll need to be from the North American region. The players outside of NA aren’t allowed to be a part of this. Moreover, the players also shouldn’t have any bans or restrictions on their Valorant accounts if they want to participate in the PBE.

If you’re eligible to be a part of the PBE, you should go to the official PBE program website and log in to your NA Riot account. You’ll come across a few sign-up questions that you’ll need to answer. Once you’re done with the questions, download the official Valorant PBE client.

It’s important to remember that not all players will be allowed to enter the Valorant PBE. Riot will have the option to select the people who can be a part of the PBE program.

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