Can You Unlock the Bootloader on Xiaomi’s HyperOS?

There is a section of users who aren’t the biggest fans of Xiaomi’s underlying OS skin but still, they end up purchasing it. It offers amazing value for money while also being among the most popular players in the custom development scene.

As for the latter, you can easily unlock the bootloader and flash the LineageOS and other AOSP ROMs and welcome forth a clean stock OS experience. However, these are all a thing of the past. Xiaomi has been ditching the MIUI in favor of its new HyperOS. Although there isn’t any major UI/UX change, there is some bad news for tech enthusiasts. From HyperOS onwards, you might not necessarily be able to unlock the bootloader on your Xiaomi/Redmi/Poco/Mi devices.

If you’re looking to learn more, then this guide will be helpful. In this guide, you will get the answer to can you unlock the bootloader on Xiaomi’s HyperOS.

Can you unlock the bootloader on Xiaomi’s HyperOS?

Unlock the bootloader

Starting with the new HyperOS, you may no longer be able to unlock the bootloader on your smartphone. It would be an impossible task even for the Chinese users to carry it out and as for the Global users, things aren’t looking too great either. However, that hasn’t stopped tech enthusiasts from trying to find workarounds. Here are some of the requirements to try and unlock the bootloader on your Xiaomi handset running HyperOS –

  • First, you need to apply to become an internal tester.
  • For applying, you will have to reach community level 5 and have a name authentication as well. You will require your password for the authentication process.
  • Aside from that, you will have to register with a Chinese bank. To open a Chinese bank account, you’ll have to go through a strict screening process. It’ll be next to impossible for Xiaomi users who are residing outside China.
  • Even if you’re able to checkmark all the requirements, this process will have to be renewed each year. Moreover, you will only be able to have three bootloader-unlocked devices per year.

If having to wait 168 hours to unlock the bootloader wasn’t enough, Xiaomi has now put these impossible prerequisites like using a Passport and Bank Account, which 99.99% of people will not be able to quality for. The Chinese OEM hasn’t stopped there, there are some other noteworthy changes as well such as –

  • All Xiaomi handsets having their bootloader unlocked and running MIUI will not be getting the HyperOS updates through OTA
  • If you’re on HyperOS and you manage to unlock the bootloader, you may not be getting any OTAs until you decide to relock the bootloader

Xiaomi has given an official statement mentioning that having locked bootloader “protects device security, avoids data leakage, and provides the users with a safer and more stable experience”.

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