How to change the name in Fall Guys on PlayStation 4 and Windows PC?

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout becomes one of the most popular online battle royale games due to its nice little cutie jellybean characters with simple gameplay and attractive cartoonish graphics. Although it’s totally different from Fortnite from the perspective of cartoonish graphics, Fall Guys become very addictive within just a couple of days after its release. Now, in each and every online battle royale game, players can easily change their profile name or username on any platform & Fall Guys is no exception here. Check out the easy step on how to change the name in Fall Guys on PS4 and Windows.

Before heading over to the topic, it’s worth mentioning that Mediatonic and Devolver Digital are working really hard to increase the server capacity and other improvements for better connectivity and gameplay as more & more people are joining the game and getting active at the same which can cause server overload. So, if in case, you’re having difficulties with the matchmaking process or getting rewards to reflect on the dashboard or issues with the name changing then you should wait for a while and then check again.

How to change the name in Fall Guys on PlayStation 4 and Windows PC?

As the Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout is officially available for only PlayStation 4 and Microsoft Windows platforms right now, here we’ve shared both the steps below. So, check it out.

How to change the name in Fall Guys on PlayStation 4 and Windows PC?

1. Change Name in Fall Guys on PC

  • First, open the Fall Guys game on your PC using the Steam client.
  • Next, click on the ‘Profile’ option on the Steam.
  • Click on ‘Edit Profile’ -> You will need to enter a new username on the first field.
  • Once done, save changes. (You can make changes of your username without any limitation)

2. Change Name in Fall Guys on PS4

Make sure that the PlayStation Network ID should be the username for your Fall Guys on the PS4 console. However, if you want to change the username of the Fall Guys, then you will have to change the PlayStation Network ID. Most importantly, changing the PSN ID will cost you accordingly. So, if you’re ready to pay for it, then follow the steps below:

  • From the PS4 main menu, go to the ‘Settings’.
  • Next, select the ‘Account Management’ option.
  • Here you will find the ‘Account Information’.
  • Now, choose your profile and then choose ‘Online ID’.
  • Then you will need to change your PSN ID (PlayStation Network ID).
  • Once you have entered your suitable username (a new PSN ID), you will have to pay the name change charges.
  • Pay the charges online and the new username will be saved automatically.
  • Simply restart your PS4 console and run Fall Guys. Your Fall Guys display name will be changed now.

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