[Fixed – 2022] Checking for updates Discord stuck issue

Discord is a very popular VOIP service and chats application for gamers worldwide. It can carry out a whole slew of features and services that are suited for gaming and chatting. However, Discord has its own set of niggling errors that can sometimes ruin your experience. This is especially true for users who are updating Discord to the latest version as Discord gets stuck on Checking for Updates. If you’ve been having similar issues, then you’ll be glad you found this guide as you’ll find the fixes here.

How to fix the Discord stuck on Checking for Updates error

Method 1: Check Discord servers

It’s rare but Discord servers might be temporarily down or having outage issues due to technical problems or maintenance. This is why you should ensure that Discord isn’t facing issues due to a technical outage.

Method 2: Run Discord as the admin

This is a very common fix for when Discord gets stuck on Checking for Updates. The app requires admin privileges to install the key components of the update that it has downloaded. In case you haven’t run the Discord client as an admin, the screen will get stuck when updating. Here’s how to resolve it –

  • Close the app
  • Press Windows key + S for bringing up the Search menu and then type “Discord”
  • Right-click on the app and select “Run as Administrator” and grant the necessary permissions
  • That’s it, Discord has granted administrator privileges and the update will proceed smoothly once the app restarts

If Discord isn’t updating automatically, here’s what you can do –

  • Press Windows key + Run for bringing up Run and then type “%localappdata%” before clicking OK
  • In the window that opens, head over to the Discord folder, find “Update.exe”, right-click, and click on “Run as administrator”

[Fixed – 2022] Checking for updates Discord stuck issue

Method #3: Reboot your PC and router

Restart your PC by clicking on Windows -> Power button -> Restart. Doing this will shut down all of the computer’s processes, including the kernel. Once your PC reboots, you’ll have a totally clean start and apps that were experiencing network issues will be far better.

Switch off the router, remove the power cable, keep it idle for a while, then reconnect and switch it on again. Once you notice the lights on your modern flashing again, simply launch Discord and then check if it’s updating properly.

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