Diablo Immortal: How To Get Demonic Remains

Diablo Immortal is Blizzard’s newest adventure in the Diablo Series. The game showcases the chaos in Sanctuary after the events in Diablo II and right before the events of Diablo III. As the followers of Evil are making the ploy, you’ll be one of the six playable classes and have the task to rid the world of Evil. Demonic Remains is one of the many quests that you’ll be facing in this journey. If you’re wondering how to get Demonic Remains, then this guide will be of great help to you.

Diablo Immortal Demonic Remains are special items that make the players more powerful and provide them with useful challenge rift buffs. These powerful remains are essentially trophies received after defeating demonic bosses. The player needs to possess them to dominate Diablo Immortal completely.

How to get Demonic Remains

The Demonic Remains quest is something you’ll come across once you unlock the Helliquary in Diablo Immortal. You must be a Level 36 player or above if you’re looking to take on this quest. It starts after the vision you’re receiving from the Helliquary of the destruction of Westmarch. When you’re holding the Helliquary for the first time, you’ll get a vision from the Einfrinn Tree where Westmarch gets raided by Demons from Hell. There, you’ll be facing the first demon named Chaos Herald Pyl. Once this vision is over, you’ll need to go to the Challenge Rift and best Chaos Herald Pyl as the Rift Guardian for getting his Demonic Remains.

Diablo Immortal: How To Get Demonic Remains

You should return to Westmarch and then talk to the NPC Rayek to get more instructions on what to do with the Remains. Go to the Helliquary and then select the Wrathborne Helliquary option for adding the Remains to the slot and tap Seal. This will give you permanent buffs that can be upgraded and used to increase your Combat Rating. There are more Demonic Remains that you’ll add in other slots of the Helliquary as you battle more Demons from Hell.

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