How to Disable Android 13 Beta pop-up dialog box

In case you’ve uploaded to the newest Android 13 Beta, you might have noticed a new pop-up dialog box appearing when you try to disable specific apps. This new feature has been designed to help you understand why you are disabling the app and whether or not you wish to continue.

While this pop-up dialog box is definitely helpful for some users, others might find it to be annoying. If you belong to that category, then this guide will be of great help to you. Here, you’ll get to know how to disable Android 13 beta pop-up dialog box.

What is the pop-up dialog box in Android 13 Beta?

If you are running the Android beta firmware, you might have noticed a pop-up dialog box asking you if you’d want to opt-in to the Android 13 Beta. This is a new feature added to the latest beta version of Android and it’ll allow the users to try out the upcoming changes and features before they get released to the public. You can easily turn off this feature through the settings. Once it is disabled, you won’t see the pop-up dialog box asking you if you wish to opt-in to the Android 13 beta.

How to disable Android 13 beta pop-up dialog box?

Disable Android 13 Beta pop-up dialog box

To carry out the task of disabling Android 13, your smartphone will have to be rooted. If you haven’t rooted your device, you should first root it. Once it is done, you can proceed with the steps.

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  1. To start off, you should download the Android13BetaWarningRemoval module
  2. After that, launch Magisk, head over to the Modules section, and then tap on Install from Storage
  3. Select the module and it’ll get flashed
  4. Once that is done, hit Reboot
  5. Your smartphone will now restart but without the Beta prompt

That’s all. This is how you disable the Android 13 Beta pop-up dialog box. If you have any questions about the full process, please leave them in the comments box below.

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