Download and Install Viper4Android On Huawei Mate 9

Download and Install Viper4Android On Huawei Mate 9.For those of you who don’t know about Viper4Android, it is often termed as the mother of all sound MODs available for Android devices and what’s best is that it is not device specific. You can install it on any device running on Android OS and enjoy an amazing music experience without spending even a single penny on any sound component hardware upgrades.

This post is for all the Huawei Mate 9 users who are interested in downloading Viper4Android ROM on their device. The procedure is quite simple and requires you to fulfil some pre-requisites and download few files which are important to complete the installation.Very special thanks to ante0 over Xda for this guide.

For installation of Viper4Android on your Huawei Matte 9, you will need to use the “removal script”, then flashing the zip file of SuperSU. Before going there, you need to fulfil a few pre-requisites.Now follow the given steps to Download and Install Viper4Android On Huawei Mate 9


  • Have a backup of all the important data.
  • You need to have more than 50% battery percentage.
  • You need to have the following files in your device so that removal script runs properly
  1. /system/lib/soundfx/ -> /system/lib/soundfx/
  2. /system/etc/audio_effects.conf -> /system/etc/audio_effects.conf.bak
  3. /vendor/etc/audio_effects.conf -> /vendor/etc/audio_effects.conf.bak

If the files are not there, the removal script won’t work properly and would simply remove the files leaving you with none at all.

  • SuperSU should be present in your device.


Disclaimer: is not responsible for any damage happened to your device(s) while following this guide. Proceed at your own risk.

How To Install Viper4Android On Huawei Mate 9

Download and Install Viper4Android On Huawei Mate 9

If Using SuperSU

  • Just flash the zip file in TWRP mode.
  • Copy the 00selinux script directly to the location /system/etc/init.d/
  • Now, run it at boot so that you have SELinux set to Permissive after flashing.

Alternate Method (If using PHH su)

  • Flash the zip in TWRP mode and then boot your device.
  • Simply open a terminal and then issue the following command -> su –init / system/ etc/ init.d/ 00selinux
  • Now, reboot your device.
  • For removing the ‘init’, you can use “su –init!/system/etc/init.d/00selinux”.

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