Download Axon 7 Toolkit to Make Flashing Simpler!

In this quick article, we will be having a brief look at a great little application, and here is how you can Download Axon 7 Toolkit to Make Flashing Simpler!.This is a must have tool if you are a Axon 7 User.

Toolkits have always been that very something that have filled in the gap between the programmers and the layman users who just want something simpler. In the past few years, we’ve seen a significant decline in the production of toolkits for specific devices.

Basically, with a toolkit for your Android device installed, you will be able to monitor and tweak stuff much more simpler and faster, with only the click of a single button, and the application does the fastboot and ADB tasks in the background. Here, we have an excellent feature-packed toolkit for the ZTE A2017U Axon 7.

Without any further delay, here is how you can Download Axon 7 Toolkit to Make Flashing Simpler! and also some of the features listed below.


– Automatic file dependency downloads with md5sum and sha256 hash verification
– Built-in updater
– Intelligent dual ADB/Fastboot checking when required
– ENTIRELY Windows batch driven=maximum compatibility and no annoying prerequisites such as .NET Framework or .dlls required to run
– Device driver installation
– ADB/Fastboot Test
– Backup apps+data through ADB
– Restore apps+data through ADB
– Bootloader unlock with MiFlash (all builds supported)
– Flash TWRP and/or root
– Restore to stock with MiFlash
– Bootloader lock
– Flash zips
– Advanced Options
*** – OEM Device Info
*** – List connected devices
*** – Reboot into system/bootloader/recovery
*** – Set file permissions
*** – Change display density
*** – Manual CMD input
*** – Fastboot flash boot/bootloader/modem/recovery
*** – Fastboot boot image
– ADB sideload (TWRP)
*** – Install APKs
*** – Push/pull files
*** – Fastboot erase and format
*** – Screen capture and record
*** – Disable system write protection

Download Axon 7 Toolkit For Flashing

Download Axon 7 Toolkit to Make Flashing Simpler!

Although this toolkit has been made specifically for the ZTE A2017U, the developer claims that this might work for the other variants as well. Any how, following are the links to download it and install it like any other application on Windows.

If you have any other queries, feel free to refer us in the comments section below!


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