Download Galaxy Note 8 Theme for Any Android Devices

Here we are going to share how you can Download Galaxy Note 8 Theme for All Android phones (substratum theme): Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is undoubted the best smartphone from the company not only for its hardware configuration but also for its revamped software. Previously, Samsung used to sports TouchWiz which was heavy and contained useless bloatware that smartphone users hated. But from Galaxy Note 8 has ditched TouchWiz and its place has been taken by the new Samsung Experience UI. This new UI is very lightweight and free of useless bloatware. Samsung Experience has been received well by the Samsung fans and the Android world as a whole. The transition from TouchWiz to Experience came as the dissatisfaction among Galaxy users was increasing exponentially which was reflected in their sales figure as well.

Galaxy Note 8 also comes with new themes and the Experience UI lets you change the themes effortlessly. Other than the stock theme that the handset comes with, you can install various other tons of them from Samsung Theme Store. All these Samsung are simply gorgeous and fortunately, you will be able to get them on your smartphone too with Galaxy Note 8 Substratum theme. All the Galaxy note 8 themes can be installed on any Android smartphone that has Substratum installed.

As a matter of fact, you do not have to root your device if you have Android Oreo. Previously, users had to root their device to install Substratum app and get it work properly. If you do not have Android Oreo yet, you can always root your device and install Substratum and avail Galaxy Note 8 themes.


  • Download Galaxy note 8 Substratum Theme from Google Play Store from this link.

[appbox googleplay com.emirbardakci.substratum.touchwiznougat]

To apply the theme, you need to have Substratum on your Android device.

# 1 If you have Android Oreo installed on your device

Step 1. Enable USB Debugging. Download Substratum App and download Andromeda App.

Step 2. Open Andromeda app and connect your device to your computer.

Step 3. Download Andromeda Client for Windows and extract the file and run the batch file present inside it. Follow the instruction on the screen and launch Substratum.

Step 4. Once Andromeda runs on your computer, the Androdema app on your phone will open up and it will show connected.

Step 5. Now select the downloaded Galaxy Note 8 theme and you will see the change automatically.

Do not reboot the device. Just disconnect it from your computer and enjoy the new look. Remember that if you reboot, you have to connect in the same way again and apply the theme.

#2 If you do not have Android Oreo installed on your device

Step 1. You have to root your device first.

Step 2. Then go to Google Play Store and install Substratum app from this link.

Step 3. You will be asked to grant root permission to install the app.

Step 4. Once the installation is done, open the app and find the downloaded Galaxy Note 8 theme and apply it.

Reboot your device and enjoy the new look.

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