Download Pixel Camera 9.2.1 APK with AI Features

Are you looking to take your photography game up a level after downloading Pixel Camera 9.2.1 APK? If so, then you are in the right place. In this guide, you will get to know how to download Pixel Camera 9.2.1 APK with AI features.

Google recently renamed the Google Camera app to Pixel Camera after the arrival of Pixel 8 Pro. The #MadeByGoogle ’23 event showcased several software upgrades to the Pixel 8 Series. The Pixel Camera also received a new update.

The Pixel Camera 9.2.1 comes with a wide array of stunning AI features like Video Boost, Photo Unblur, Night Side Video Mode, Improved Portrait Lighting, Night Sight in Time Lapse, New UI, Ultra HDR, Revamped Controls, and more.

How to download Pixel Camera 9.2.1 APK

Pixel Camera 9

Here, you will be able to download the newest Google Camera APK in the form of Pixel Camera (arm64-v8a) and this APK is extracted directly from Google Play Store.

Starting with Android 11, Google began releasing apps in Split APKs format. This means that apps are now split into several packages including the base and config APK files. This format solves the compatibility issue while also helping install apps like the Google Camera APK on any Android smartphone featuring different DPI, screen size, screen resolution, architecture, and more. This is why the package size has also increased. The previous Google Camera APK weight around 628 MB in size.

Here are the links to download Pixel Camera 9.2.1 APK –

How to install Pixel Camera?

  • Download the Google Camera APK file to your device’s storage
  • Now, extract the file as a zip file
  • Download and install ether SAI or APKtool M installer
  • Now, launch APKtool M before locating the GCam APK file
  • Select the file and then click “Install”
  • Choose all the options
  • Launch the app and enjoy

We hope this guide helped you download Google Camera 9.2.1 APK with AI features. If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to mention them in the comments section.

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