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How to Download Samsung Galaxy Full Firmware Files Directly From Samsung Servers Using SamFirm

Now Any Samsung Galaxy users can Download Samsung Galaxy Full Firmware Files Using SamFirm Directly From Samsung Servers: It is no shame that Samsung users start envying the Google, or OnePlus, or Motorola users after a while of owning their smartphones. This is all due to the sluggish software Samsung packs in with all its smartphones, and there is indeed a complex way to escape from it. Many devices nowadays are developer friendly, and one can simply flash a custom ROM or root their phones to take full advantage of the money they spent.

In the spirit of flashing custom ROMs, trying out new modifications, it is quite common to miss a crucial step and soft brick an Android device. In such a case, the safest, and also the easiest method is to simply flash the stock firmware that your manufacturer originally loaded up on your device. To flash the actual file isn’t a hard task on Samsung devices since you can follow our easy-to-do guide linked below :

The actual hard part is to find the latest and apt package for your device. Even a letter’s change in the model number can cost you your smartphone’s life. So, to make matters easier, a tool has surfaced online with the name ‘SamFirm‘, and plans to solve the one issue all Samsung users have been facing since the debut of Android – to find correct packages for their devices.

The software requires you to be running a Windows PC, with updated drivers and will ask you for all the required information such as your device’s model number, current Android version, serial number and so on and so forth. In the end, it will provide you a download link with no speed limitations whatsoever, so that, in the end, you wouldn’t have to scouver the internet just for a silly little ZIP file.

Download Samsung Galaxy Full Firmware Files Using SamFirm

Download Samsung Galaxy Full Firmware Files Using SamFirm

  • Download this file and extract it on your computer.
  • Open ‘SamFirm.exe‘ and here you will be required to enter all the information it needs.
  • If you aren’t sure of your device’s exact model number, download the following app and it’ll do wonders
Phone INFO ★SAM★
Phone INFO ★SAM★
Developer: vndnguyen
Price: Free
  • Once done, enter all the information, and give it a moment.
  • A download link will be available for you to download.

If you have any issues whatsoever with our guide, then do leave a comment down below!

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