Official List of Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Model Numbers With The Regions

Updated Oct. 14, 2017 – Here we will be sharing, Official List of Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Model Numbers With Details: Hello guys!! This post is going to tell you how Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is destined to undo all the damage caused by Galaxy Note 7 to the South Korean Manufacturing Giant. This new flagship will come out with various features which we have yet to see in any Samsung Galaxy device till date. The information that has leaked out so far, has given us a rough idea about the final product up to some extent.

The Galaxy Note 8 will come with a 6.4-inch WQHD display and will have not only an 8 MP selfie shooter in the front but also a 12 MP dual camera setup at the back. Various reports have also suggested that Galaxy Note 8’s dual camera will be better than most of its rivals. Galaxy Note 8 will also be the first Samsung Galaxy device to come with a dual-rear camera setup. It follows the design language of Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus. The users will find a 3,300mAh battery under the hood while it will also come with Exynos 8895 which was the same as in Galaxy S8. Galaxy Note 8 will also become the first flagship of Samsung to have 6 GB RAM.

The internal storage is minimum 64 GB but some variants will also contain 256 GB. Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is set to be released worldwide on August 23, 2017, with a price tag of $1000 or more.We have prepared The full List of Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Model Numbers With Details along with the regions, connectivity, and chipsets listen along with them.

The Official List Of Galaxy Note 8 Model Numbers

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Official List of Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Model Numbers With The Regions

Device NameModel NumberRegionConnectivity
Galaxy Note 8SM-N9500 (Snapdragon 835)China (Hong Kong)SIM1:TDD-LTE+FDD-, LTE+WCDMA+TD-SCDMA+GSM, SIM2:GSM
Galaxy Note 8SM-N950FGlobalFDD-LTE+WCDMA+GSM
Galaxy Note 8SM-N950T (Snapdragon 835)T-MobileFDD-LTE+WCDMA+GSM
Galaxy Note 8SM-N950KKorea KT+FDD-LTE+WCDMA+GSM
Galaxy Note 8SM-N950LKoreaFDD-LTE+WCDMA+GSM
Galaxy Note 8SM-N950P (Snapdragon 835))Sprint - (United States)FDD-LTE+WCDMA+GSM
Galaxy Note 8SM-N950A (Snapdragon 835)At&t - (United States)FDD-LTE+WCDMA+GSM
Galaxy Note 8SM-N9509ChinaSIM1:TDD-LTE+FDD, -LTE+CDMA, SIM2:GSM;Roaming, WCDMA+GSM
Galaxy Note 8SM-N9508ChinaSIM1:TDD-LTE+TD, -SCDMA+GSM, SIM2:GSM;Roaming:, FDD-LTE+WCDMA
Galaxy Note 8SM-N950R4 (Snapdragon 835)US Cellular - (United States)FDD-LTE+WCDMA+GSM
Galaxy Note 8SM-N950V (Snapdragon 835)Verizon - (United States)FDD-LTE+WCDMA, +CDMA+GSM
Galaxy Note 8SM-N950FDSoutheast AsiaSIM1:FDD-LTE+WCDMA+GSM, SIM2:GSM
Galaxy Note 8SM-N950W8Canada
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