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How to Download WhatsApp Stories on Your Android Without Taking Screenshots

Here is two simple methods to Download WhatsApp Stories on Your Android Without Taking Screenshots:You all are aware of WhatsApp’s new Status feature which WhatsApp introduced after getting inspired by the same feature on Snapchat. You must have noticed the Status tab in the middle of the home screen on WhatsApp where you can put up photos and videos with labels. The only difference is that they will last for 24 hours after which they will be deleted automatically.

This feature is called WhatsApp Stories and you can make them public for everyone to see or to certain people only. Since it is only up for 24 hours, you might want to save someone else’s WhatsApp story and taking a screenshot is not the only solution.

Steps To Download WhatsApp Stories on Your Android Without Taking Screenshots

Method 1 – Using A File Manager

You all must be having a file manager app on your smartphone as it is a basic app. You do not need a customized file manager, the one that comes with your smartphone will do the job. The motto of this method is not to make you download an extra app. Here is how you can save WhatsApp Statuses/Stories on your device.

Download WhatsApp Stories on Your Android Without Taking Screenshots

Step 1. Enable the option Show Hidden Files on your file manager. If your stock file manager does not have this option, then only you got to download one from Play Stores.

Step 2. Go to WhatsApp folder through the file manager. It is generally present on your internal storage space.

Step 3. Inside it, you will see many folders and you need to navigate to Media and inside that, you will find the hidden folder named .Statuses.

Step 4. In .Statuses folder, you will find all the stories you have viewed through WhatsApp as they are temporarily downloaded. Remember, the statuses/stories you have not viewed, will not be present here.

Step 5. To save any status/stories, move the images or videos to a permanent folder.

Method 2 – Using A Story Saver App

If you are not comfortable dealing with a file manager and want to save Stories on the go, you need to download a Story Saver app. You can find many apps of Google Play Stores for the same but the app named Story Saver For WhatsApp is a good choice.

Step 1. Install the app from Play Stores and launch it.

Step 2. On the home screen, you will see three buttons – Recent Stories, Saved Stories and How To Use?

Step 3. Tap on Recent Stories button and you will see all the stories available for viewing and they are categorized into Pictures and Videos for convenience.

Step 4. Select the story that you want to download and save and then tap on Download button on the top bar.

Step 5. To see the Saved stories, go to home screen and tap on Saved Stories button. You can also share or delete them.

So above are two simple and easiest way to “Download WhatsApp Stories on Your Android Without Taking Screenshots”

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