Extract Fastboot Images from .ozip File (Oppo/Realme Phones)

Here in this depth tutorial, we’ll share with you the steps to Extract Fastboot Images from .ozip File (Oppo/Realme Phones). To date, most of the smartphone OEMs push its device firmware package in a compressed zip file that’s quite easy to download and extract wherever users want. However, the tradition seems to be changing in a new direction of firmware file format like .bin file, etc. Now, Oppo and Realme have accepted the .OZIP file format for their device firmware package to deal with.

Most importantly, users or developers will require Python to be installed on the Operating System like Windows/Mac/Linux to easily extract the .OZIP file format for the Oppo and Realme devices. Next, the process is quite similar to other devices where stock boot.img file will come in handy for rooting, system, and vendor dump files for flashing, etc. So, here are the steps mentioned that can extract the fastboot images from the mentioned compress file format easily.

Extract Fastboot Images from .ozip File (Oppo/Realme Phones)

Make sure to follow all the requirements below and then head over to the instructions.


  • You will require all the mentioned files or tools below on your PC.
  • Take a full data backup of the device.
  • You will need a Windows PC.

Extract Fastboot Images from .ozip File (Oppo/Realme Phones)

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Extraction Guide:

  • Install the Python software on the PC.
  • Now, extract the OZIP Decrypt Tool on the computer > From the extracted tool folder, press Shift + Right-click to open the list of options > Click on Open PowerShell window here.
  • Type the below command line and hit Enter.
pip install -r requirements.txt
  • Copy the OZIP firmware file inside the extracted decrypt tool folder.
  • Now, drag and drop the OZIP stock ROM file on the ozipdecrypt.py script file and it will start decrypting.
  • Once done, a zip file of the OZIP firmware will be created.
  • Next, move the firmware zip file inside the URTool folder.
  • Launch the tool by double-clicking on the URTTool.bat file.
  • The tool will now ask you to select the firmware file > Just type 1 and hit Enter.
  • Next, type 1 and hit Enter again to Extract Android Image.
  • Once the extraction process completes, it will notify you. Skip errors.
  • Then go to the displayed folder location on your PC under the URTool folder. (Something like URTool-master\01-Project\system\1-Sources)
  • In that location, you will all the firmware related files like system, vendor image files, other dump files, boot image files, etc.

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