EA FC 24 No Commentary Bug: Possible Fixes and Workarounds

FIFA fans eagerly diving into the PC release of FC 24 encountered a frustrating issue the No Commentary bug hampering their gaming experience. While the overall PC launch has been smoother than its predecessor FIFA 23, this particular bug has irked a substantial portion of the player base.

The glitch came to light shortly after the early access launch on September 22 at 5 am UK time and though most game modes and functions are working correctly the absence of commentary has left many players vexed.

To recall FIFA 23 on PC suffered severe performance issues last year from frequent crashes to anti cheat problems. This time around PC players have enjoyed a relatively smoother experience with the new features except for this commentary hiccup. While the exact cause and an official solution from developers are pending, several tricks and potential fixes have surfaced based on player reports.

FC 24 No Commentary Bug: Possible Fixes and Workarounds

Disclaimer: A definitive fix for this issue will require a patch from the developers. The solutions presented in this article are based on reports from fellow players and may not work universally.

Ways to Address the FC 24 No Commentary Bug

Integrity Check

This method applies to FC 24 purchased on Steam, where the game files are downloaded and stored. Conduct an integrity check, and Steam will automatically replace any corrupted sound files.

Switch the Game Language on Steam

While somewhat situational, this method may work for some. After downloading FC 24, navigate to the game’s properties in Steam and change the language to something other than English. Start the game briefly, then force close it and return to the game’s properties on Steam to switch back to English. This may prompt Steam to re-download language files, potentially resolving the issue.

Change to Custom Camera

Surprisingly, switching to the custom camera mode within the game’s settings has helped a few players bypass the No Commentary bug. This mode allows players to adjust camera height and zoom settings, which appears to have mitigated the issue for some.

The No Commentary bug, while frustrating, does not fundamentally affect core gameplay. However it does detract from the overall gaming experience. Its resolution may necessitate a post launch update and unfortunately not all players are impacted by this issue. As the FIFA community waits for an official fix these workarounds provide some relief to those grappling with this commentary conundrum.

Shubham Pramanik
Shubham Pramanik
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