EA FC 24: How to change player position in career mode

EA FC 24 is an upcoming football video for which players are highly excited. As developers confirmed it was released on 29 September 2023. For this, many players got early access to look out game’s potential before the final release.

Although, EA Sports does not need any introduction they do set up a check phase to wipe out bugs and glitches before the final release.

From today, the early access phase has started for which many players started building their ultimate team and pro club careers. However, developers made thisEAFC 24 with easy navigation but somehow few players have issues in changing player position in it. And being an upcoming game there is no such details over it. So, here we would like to express our thoughts on changing player positions.

Follow these instructions to change player position in EA SPORTS FC™ 24

EA FC 24

There could be numerous reasons that players want to change player position in EA FC 24. Today developers started to allow gamers to make their Ultimate team. But the problem here is few players mistakenly created their team. They want to change some of the players’ positions to improve Squad balance, develop players potential, convert a player into a new role, or maybe experiment with different tactics. Reaching out to that, here we are sharing instructions to change player position.

  1. On EA FC 24, Open up Career mode.
  2. Then scroll to the Squad tab and click on it.
  3. Now choose the player for which you would like to change position.
  4. After that, Click on the development plan option.
  5. Press R2 or RT (for PS & Xbox) and choose a position for it.
  6. Next Press X or A to confirm the change.
  7. That’s it, at the next moment player’s position will change.

Here one thing you need to keep in mind is you can’t change player position immediately. You need to first train the player in a new position. So that it can fit for the new position. As a pro tip in EA FC 24, do consider starting the game early, be patient, use the right training drills, and always try to experiment with something new. Apart from that, you are good to go for exploring EA FC 24 adventurous journey.

Image Credit: IGN India

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