How to fix Final Fantasy XIV Audio issues after Patch v6.4

Final Fantasy XIV is an extremely popular and critically acclaimed multiplayer online role-playing game and the original version of the 14th entry and the 2nd MMORPG in this series (the 11th iteration being the first one).

Despite the game having tons of exciting characters and features to dig into the game isn’t without its bugs and issues. One of the issues troubling the users is the Final Fantasy XIV audio issues. Although the developers release patches to fix issues, this bug actually popped up after the latest patch update.

Final Fantasy XIV players getting bugs after the latest patch update

Numerous users have been voicing concern that they are getting bugs after the latest patch update. Multiple Final Fantasy XIV players have been getting an issue where the update seems to be randomly cutting out or dying out of nowhere.

Some players are claiming that the audio cuts out after 5-10 minutes of gameplay and they aren’t able to listen to music while performing any new tasks or duties. They also maintain that the audio isn’t playing during cutscenes.

For some users, this problem is arising within less than a minute of launching the gameplay while for other players, it is happening after playing the game for 30-45 minutes.

To make matters worse, connecting an audio device is crashing the game upon launch whereas restarting the game is only temporarily solving the issue.

Steps to fix Final Fantasy XIV audio issues after Patch v6.4

How to fix Final Fantasy XIV Audio issues after Patch v6.4

The Final Fantasy XIV audio issues are popping up after installing the latest patch v6.4 update has been affecting Windows version users. However, you shouldn’t worry as there is a workaround.

Currently, the workaround that is spelling out the most success for the player involves disabling all output devices except headphones by going to the Windows Sound/Audio settings page. For some users, even the controller was being shown as an audio device, so you should ensure that you disconnect it as well and check if the Final Fantasy XIV audio issues are resolved.

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