How to find the codename of your Android device | 2024

Android devices and OS versions have codenames that identify them. This guide covers several methods to find your Android phone or tablet’s codename without needing root access.

These codenames aren’t limited to the devices, even the different Android OS versions have unique codenames like Android Lollipop, Nougat, Oreo, Android Pie, Android 12L, and more. If you want to find the codename for your Android smartphone or tablet, there are many routes to take.

All Android OEMs are given unique codenames for the devices they manufacture. You might know the number or model name of phones from Samsung, OnePlus, Xiaomi, Nokia, Oppo, Realme, Asus, etc. However, when it comes to Android device codename, there are very few people aware of the codename of the device they own. In this article, you’ll get to know the different ways you can find the Android device codename without even needing root privilege.

How to find the codename of your device using Android apps

If you wish to get information about your Android device including the codename, there are certain apps that you can use. There are many amazing apps on Google Play Store that will give you exhaustive details about your Android device.

  • AIDA64
  • Droid Hardware Info
  • Device Info HW
  • Device Info 360: HW, Root Info
  • Device Info – Hardware and Software
  • Device Info: System & CPU Info
  • DevCheck Hardware and System Info

How to find the codename of your device using ADB Command

find the codename of your Android device

For finding out the Android device codename using ADB Command, you’ll have to download and install ADB on your Mac, Windows, or Linux PC. You’ll then have to turn on Developer options and USB Debugging on your device. Once you have set up ADB and Fastboot on your PC, you should follow these instructions.

  1. Head over to the folder that contains the ADB and Fastboot files and then open it. Extract the content of platform-tools into a folder on your desktop.
  2. Place your mouse pointer in any space in that folder. Then, press the Shift key on the keyboard and then right-click on the mouse. Select the Open PowerShell window here option through the Windows context menu.
  3. Once the PowerShell window is launched, you must connect your Android device to your PC.
  4. Ensure that the screen of your device is unlocked and then execute this command to check if it is properly connected to the PC –
adb devices
  1. If the ADB daemon detects your device, you will get an alpha-numeric string in the PowerShell window.
  2. Type this command and then hit the Enter key on the keyboard –
adb shell
  1. Once you press the Enter key, you will see the codename of your Android smartphone printed in the PowerShell window.
  2. There is another ADB shell command for finding your Android device’s codename. All you have to do is execute this command and you’ll get the codename.
getprop | grep device
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