How to Fix Borderlands 2 Fatal Error

Borderlands 2 is an extremely popular FPS game published by 2K Games and it was first released in 2012. In the game, players have to complete a campaign by going on different quests and missions. You’ll need to control a treasure hunter known as “Vault Hunters” with the primary aim of seeking an alien vault and liberating the planet Pandora.

The Borderlands 2 Fatal Error message is generally caused by corrupted data. There could be an issue with the game data, corrupted data, or Windows OS. In this guide, you’ll get to know how you can fix the Borderlands 2 Fatal Error issue.

Method 1: Restart your PC

The first thing that you’ll need to do is restart your PC. Restarting can often fix a lot of errors and minor bugs. Once you’ve restarted, you should start Borderlands 2 from the Steam app.

Method 2: Reinstall the game

Fix Borderlands 2 Fatal Error

  • Enter Control Panel in the Windows menu before selecting Control Panel
  • Now, click on Programs and Features
  • Locate the game and then right-click on it before selecting Uninstall
  • Download the game once more
  • Install it and then give your PC a restart before launching the game

Method 3: Allow admin privileges to the game

  • Find Borderland 2 from the Steam library and then right-click on it for opening its Properties
  • Click on Local Files before selecting the Browse Local Files option
  • It opens up the installation directory of the game
  • Search for the executable file and then right-click on it
  • Select “Run as administrator” and see if it solves the issue

Method 4: Verify the integrity of the files

Borderlands 2 Fatal Error could occur due to missing or corrupted game files. You should check if the files have been correctly downloaded by checking through Steam.

  • Launch Steam and then click on Library
  • Find Borderlands 2 and then right-click on it
  • Look for the Properties option
  • Click on Local Files before selecting the Verify the integrity of game files option
  • Wait for the entire process to finish
  • Re-launch the game to see if the issue still persists
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