[Fix in Work] Discord Nitro notification not going away issue

Discord is one of the best and most popular communication tools for smartphone users and it offers a wide variety of subscription plans. Discord is a great app where you can make channels and communicate with the members of your channel while it also offers lots of other exciting features. The Discord Nitro subscription plan includes a lot of perks for users who want to enjoy the best that Discord has to offer. However, some Discord Nitro users have suddenly started experiencing an annoying and persistent notification in the Nitro tab and they cannot get rid of it.

Users reporting the Discord Nitro notification not going away issue

According to several users, the persistent notification on Discord’s Nitro tab started appearing a few hours ago. Moreover, nothing happens on selecting the tab as the notification icon continues persisting. The constant presence of a persistent Discord Nitro notification that will simply not go away is causing major annoyance and frustration among users. Many users reported that they tried to uninstall the Discord app and try to solve the problem. However, it looks like this also didn’t work and the notification in the Nitro tab is still standing strong.

It’s worth noting that the bug didn’t just affect the native Discord application. Some users have reported that the persistent Discord Nitro notification error was present in the web version too.

Discord team already working on the fix

Discord Nitro notification problem recognised

Fortunately for Discord Nitro users, the development team is already aware of this issue and is already working to fix it. They’ve already conveyed this through their official Twitter account. At this time, there aren’t any details on an estimated date for when the fix will arrive. However, the affected users shouldn’t worry as the fix won’t take long to arrive.


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