[Fix] OnePlus users facing Green Line Issue after OxygenOS 13 Update

OnePlus is one of the most advanced names in the Android market and it provides smartphones with numerous exciting features at a reasonable price. Recently, the OxygenOS 13 update has further introduced a few bold and performance-boosting features for the users. However, it has also been causing a few issues and problems here and there. One of the common issues that many users are experiencing is the Green Line Issue after OxygenOS 13 update.

OnePlus 9R and OnePlus 8 Series facing Green Line Issue after OxygenOS 13 update

All AMOLED screens, to an extent, are prone to discoloration and tint. However, this has been a common theme with the OnePlus 9R and the entire OnePlus 8 Series. This is a severe problem that OnePlus users have to look into. Many OnePlus users have been reporting a green line forming on their device’s screen after the latest OxygenOS 13 update.

Even after the patch update, the issue hasn’t been patched for the users. It cannot be said if the display issues are caused by poor-quality hardware malfunctioning or if it is because of bad software updates. A possible explanation could be that software updates have been altering some voltage parameters and if the panel quality is good or not.

This might be causing inconsistencies in the display’s color reproduction, which leaves a green line. This issue is largely irreversible and nothing is possible on the software front to fix it as the OLED panel is damaged physically. There is a major possibility that a batch of outsourced OLED panels could have undergone poor quality control as the green line issue has been happening to multiple renowned brands, including Samsung and Apple too.

[Fix] OnePlus users facing Green Line Issue after OxygenOS 13 Update

How to get rid of the Green Line issue

Some users have reported that they’ve got free display replacements despite the phone being out of warranty. If you’ve got a OnePlus smartphone and you are experiencing this issue, it is recommended that you should contact a service center. While it may take an aggressive approach, the display will have to be replaced entirely for free, provided that there aren’t any scratch marks or other physical damage to your smartphone.

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