How to fix Sea of Thieves Service is Temporarily Unavailable issue


Sea of Thieves is an action-adventure multiplayer fighting game developed by Rare Ltd and published by Xbox Game Studios available for Windows, Xbox Series X|S, and Xbox One platforms. In the game, players get a role of a pirate to complete voyages from different trading companies in an open-world exploration. Meanwhile, certain players have been experiencing the Sea of Thieves Service is Temporarily Unavailable error on the PC.

Multiple reports have come out that whenever players are looking to get into the game or join/host the game server, this error message appears due to the network issue. The error states “The Sea of Thieves Services is temporarily unavailable. Please try again (Lavenderbeard)”. If you’re facing the same error, then this guide will be useful for you as there are many fixes for you.

Method 1: Check Sea of Thieves Server Status

Check whether the Sea of Thieves server is running properly or not. Sometimes, the issues in the game’s server connectivity can trigger the service temporarily unavailable error whatsoever. If you’re facing this specific error, ensure that you visit the official Sea of Thieves Game Status webpage to get the real-time server status whether it’s an issue or not.

Method 2: Restart your PC or Xbox console

In certain cases, a normal reboot to the system of your Windows PC or the Xbox console will fix multiple bugs or glitches completely. If you’ve not restarted the device to refresh the system, you should definitely try it out.

fix Sea of Thieves Service is Temporarily Unavailable issue

Method 3: Check internet connectivity

It’s recommended that you should check your internet connectivity properly as the internet network might become unstable or slow to connect to the game servers. If you’re using a wired (Ethernet) connection, switch to a wireless (Wi-Fi) connection or vice versa. Otherwise, you can try to use a different internet connection at your end to cross-check the issue. Sometimes, a mobile data hotspot can be helpful if you know the issue.

Method 4: Power cycle your Wi-Fi router

Chances are high that your Wi-Fi connection is working fine but somehow, the router could be having some issues with the connectivity like DNS cache or temporary glitches. It’ll be better to perform a power cycle on your Wi-Fi router for ensuring that there aren’t any issues happening due to the router. Power off the router and unplug the power cable from the router. Wait for a minute or so and connect the power cable again and turn it on.

Method 5: Run the game as an admin

  • Right-click on the Sea of Thieves exe file on your PC
  • Select Properties and click on the Compatibility tab
  • Ensure that you’re clicking on the Run this program as an administrator checkbox for check marking it
  • Click on Apply and then select OK to save changes
  • Ensure that you’re doing the same steps for the Steam client as well
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