How to fix the “JNI Error Has Occurred” problem in Minecraft

As many Minecraft players will know, the Minecraft Java Edition is the most powerful version of the popular Minecraft game. Here, the player gets to customize, upgrade, and modify using the best Minecraft mods according to their desires, both online and offline. However, this makes it slightly vulnerable to a wide variety of errors. One of the most common and dreaded errors is the “JNI Error Has Occurred”. Luckily, there’s an easy way of solving this error in no time, and you’ll get to know about it here.

What causes the JNI Error Has Occurred problem in Minecraft?

Minecraft Java Edition and its features depend heavily on the Java libraries on your PC/laptop to function properly. If you’re using a Microsoft server or any feature that the library on your computer doesn’t support, the game could end up facing errors. These errors fall into the class of JNI or Java Native Interface errors.

Such errors occur when the Java files are too new or the Java version of your device has become outdated. Sometimes, these errors occur when the installation path of the files is broken. In other words, you’ll need to ensure that your Java files and the Java libraries in your computer are up to date and compatible with whichever version of Minecraft mod or server you’ve installed. Doing that will instantly fix the issue.

Update and install the latest Java version to fix the JNI Error

fix the “JNI Error Has Occurred” problem in Minecraft

This is the easiest and most reliable method to fix the “JNI Error Has Occurred”. You won’t have to do any advanced research, you’ll only need to update your computer’s Java version for fixing this error.

  1. First, head over to Oracle’s official site and look for your computer’s OS under the latest section. The majority of the people use Windows so they’ll have to install Java for Windows, but it’ll be the same for Linux and macOS.
  2. Download the Java installer file by clicking on the download link. You’ll need to check for the compatibility of the installer on the Linux-based OS.
  3. Once you’ve downloaded the file, open the setup file and then follow the installation instructions.
  4. If needed, change the folder’s location where you’ll be installing the new version of Java. It’s recommended that you shouldn’t do that as many software and games look for Java in the default directory.
  5. Once the installation is complete, click the “Close” button for exiting the installer. Then, run your Java files and features like Minecraft Java Edition without the JNI errors.

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