How to fix The Finals Can’t Invite or Add Friends Issue

The Finals is an upcoming FPS game developed and published by Nexon subsidiary Embark Studios. This game focuses on team-based matches on environmentally-destructible maps. The players are encouraged to use the dynamic environment and take advantage of the situation.

The Open Beta of the game has already gone live but not everything is perfect as players are facing a few issues. One of the issues affecting the users is Unable to Invite or Add Friends.

If you’re experiencing this issue, then this guide will be helpful. In this guide, you will get to know how to fix Unable to Invite or Add Friends in the Finals.

How to fix unable to invite or add friends in the Finals

Invite or Add Friends

Despite the thrilling gameplay that this game offers, many players are finding themselves facing perplexing issues. Many players are not able to invite or add friends to their games. To further the dilemma, players are reporting that they’re not getting the option to send out friend requests too.

On top of that, when players are venturing into the social menu of the game, they’re getting an absence of their friends’ names. Whether it is in the list, recent, party, or requests section, friends are vanishing into thin air. This makes it next to impossible to add them.

However, there are ways to resolve this issue. Here are the workarounds if you’re facing Unable to Invite or Add Friends in the Finals –

Method 1: Restart client

First, you should start with the official workaround. The developers have advised that both you and your friend need to restart the client once. You should do this and check if it helps you out.

Method 2: Enable cross-play

Next up, it is recommended that you should enable cross-play in the game’s settings menu. Now, check if you’re able to invite or add friends in the Finals.

Method 3: Use the browser console tweak

  • Open the Steam website on the web browser
  • After that, sign in before going to your Library and access The Finals
  • Press F12 for accessing the browser console and then enter the following command –
  • Once it is done, check if this has rectified the issue

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