Fortnite: Where is mountain top ruins (Location Check)

It seems that the Marvel universe has arrived on Fortnite and the new game challenge is the interesting one to complete. This challenge is offering players to go on the top of the mountain and emote as Thor. Once you transformed into Thor, you can use Thor’s hammer to summon thunder. Now, the crossover event is available in the Fortnite Season 4. So, if you don’t know how to get that mountain, first check where is the Fortnite mountain top ruins.

Players have to dress up as one of the Marvel characters and Thor is one of them. So, those are interested in Thor skins and that hammer (Mjolnir) to show up your thunder power, then you’re in the right place. Now, if you dress up like Thor and go to the mountains top ruins (on the top), using a new emote will unlock it permanently.

The first challenge is to complete the Thor challenges to get the skin that you can get from the Fortnite Season 4 battle pass. Next, players have to prove themselves that they deserve Thor’s hammer. You can find out the Hammer Mjolnir in a crater to the South of Salty Springs.

Fortnite: Where is mountain top ruins (Location Check)

It can be also used for harvesting at a double rate. Then visit a Biforest, hammering other players to damage them will unlock the next stage. Finally, you will need to complete the Thor Awakening Challenges to completely unlock the character, emote as Thor at the top of the mountain range.

Fortnite: Where is mountain top ruins (Location Check)

  • Head over to the map area and check at the bottom of the slightly right side.
  • For your better reference, you can find the actual mountain top ruins at the F Column and 8 Row as a white cloudy area.
  • You will find three large stones facing outside the mountain along with some smaller rocks.
  • Just land there and collect both the Thor skin and Mjölnir (Hammer).
  • Use the Emote and Thor will raise the hammer to summon thunder. (Make sure you will get only one emote)
  • Now, the Thor Awakening Challenges are completed and this emote is now permanently unlocked for you.

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