How To Get Starktech Outfits Mission In Marvel’s Avengers

Marvel’s Avengers is a newly released action-adventure video game from Crystal Dynamics and Square Enix. It’s available for PS4, Xbox One, Google Stadia, Microsoft Windows, and will be available for PS5 & Xbox Series X consoles. There are a total of 17 missions in this game that you need to complete as a player in order to reassemble all Avengers characters. And in the gameplay, the most popular character Ironman (Tony Stark) needs to gather his teammates to go for final action. In that scenario, some players may not be able to find out the Ironman outfits for the final battle. So, check out how to get Starktech Outfits Mission in Marvel’s Avengers.

Before getting the outfits, you must have to complete three missions such as Harvest 01 Energy Amplifiers from fallen Prime Synthoids, Harvest 02 Optic Decoders from fallen Riotbots, Harvest 20 Memory Chips from fallen Synthoids. Although this may look like a huge task, while you’re in the campaign, you will find Synthoids and Riotbots quite easily. Most importantly, you can recognize them as Synthoids will look like dummies of a car crash while Riotbots will carry ‘charged rods’ as their weapon.

How To Get Starktech Outfits Mission In Marvel's Avengers

How To Get Starktech Outfits Mission In Marvel’s Avengers

Once the Testing 1…2…3… mission completes, the Starktech Outfits Mission will activate itself. This mission will bring both Captain America and Thor into your party. They will unlock their mission chains which will be easy enough to select any mission on the War Table which isn’t a virtual HARM training session.

The first mission in the chain of Captain America is named as Rockets’ Red Glare in Utah Badlands. So, you will need to simply fight with enemies in search of Starktech Outfits. After defeating plenty of enemies there, you as a Captain America will definitely find out the outfit and then it will be easy for you to carry on the mission normally.

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