Google Pixel 7 Pro Benchmark reveals CPU and GPU specifications of Tensor G2

Google Pixel 7 Pro has managed to be in the headlines for a multitude of reasons. To recall, the Google Pixel 6 Series came with the impressive Google’s own tensor chip. However, it still lagged behind its main competitors.

The whole tech world has been eagerly waiting to watch how well Google can push the latest chipset’s performance. A new benchmark about the Google Tensor G2 chip CPU and GPU has been surfing on the internet. One of the key reasons for all the hype is that Samsung is going to help Google with its technology.

Tensor G2 CPU performance details

The Google Pixel 7 Pro Benchmark reveals that there aren’t massive improvements brought to the chip. It’s essentially the same processor with the combination of four Cortex-A55 cores, two Cortex-X1 cores, two Cortex-A76 cores, and a better clock speed. However, it can be agreed that the slightly better clock speed has brought this 4nm chip a 10% rise in the multi-core benchmark.

It’s anticipated that this upgrade was done on purpose. In the past, the Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 had a major heating issue. This was because Qualcomm had been using Samsung’s technology to build the chips. There is a possibility that Google has done this to avoid a similar issue in the upcoming Google Pixel 7 Pro models.

Tensor G2 GPU performance details

Google Pixel 7 Pro Benchmark reveals CPU and GPU specifications of Tensor G2

When it comes to GPU, Google has added a major boost of 20% and increased the power efficiency to 20%. Additionally, the company has also ensured that it’ll offer a raise of 35% for better machine learning purposes. This change was achieved by switching the ARM GPU Mali-G78 to Mali-G710.

Moreover, the Pixel 7 Pro comes with 12GB of RAM. Moreover, it suggests that Google owns the next-generation Tensor Processing Unit (TPU) with the code name “Janeiro”, which can be expected in the upcoming Tensor G2. Moreover, this TPU will also boost the performance of the Pixel 7 Series.

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