Google releases January 2018 Security Patch OTA for Pixel and Nexus devices

Google releases January 2018 Security Patch OTA for Pixel and Nexus devices: Android is the most popular operating system around the world and this was confirmed in a report which was released a few days back which revealed that Android is the No.1 operating system in the world and it has overtaken Apple’s iOS which was the number 1 operating system until now. Also, we have seen that Android is popular due to the fact that it is open source which means that they are infinite possibilities to develop custom ROM, Mods and other things based on Android which is not possible on any other operating system currently.

Also, we have seen that most of the people also prefer Android due to the reason that there are many options in the smartphones that run Android rather than iOS which is only available on the iPhones that are available from Apple due to it being a closed source operating system. Now, one thing with Android which was the reason that it has slower adoption rate was the security factor of the operating system which was pretty low in the earlier times. This made Android as an OS insecure compared to other OSs. Thus, Google started to release monthly security patches for Android that were available to all the smartphones running Android regardless of Android version or device age.

Now, the latest security patch has been released by Google yesterday and this security patch is from the month of January and this security patch is the first security patch to be released by Google in 2018. Now, the most important patch in this update is the one which lets remote attackers make specially crafted files that’d allow remote code execution on your smartphone.

After the January 2018 security patch, the attackers won’t be able to do this to your Android devices so it is needless to say that you should upgrade your smartphone to January security patch soon.

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Abhishek Jariwala
Abhishek Jariwala
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